How Much More Do We Take?

How is it that when you name a teddy bear Mohammed you get thrown in jail, expelled from the country and have an angry mob calling for your execution – yet when you say something offensive about Jesus you get a slap on the wrist?

How is it that when you call a girl’s basketball team “nappy headed hoes” you lose your job – yet when you say “F*** Jesus” you get a week off?

It seems to me that Christians are looked at as wimps and non-entities these days.  We allow offensive things to be said about our Lord and Savior all in the name of unity, harmony and love.  What a crock of crap!!!

How much more do we take before we stop rolling over playing dead?  Comments are open on this one!!!

How Much More Do We Take?

18 thoughts on “How Much More Do We Take?

  1. Hey Chris. Open Comments – wow.

    I’ve thought about this often – especially when the teddy bear story erupted. Here is my penny’s worth of thoughts: (Im not worth 2 cents)

    Great peace have they which love thy law: and NOTHING shall offend them. – Psalm 119:165

    Jesus is the Rock of Offense and He will be offensive to others – but I do not get offended or feel the need to “defend” my Jesus when someone who does not believe behaves offensively.

    I don’t like it – but I don’t think this is rolling over – i think its rising above:


  2. Hey Chris, do you not answer email? Sent you one a couple weeks back. NP if you’re too busy for it 🙂

    No, we shouldn’t roll over and play dead… but we can’t go around beheading folks either. Apathy stinks (and it’s not a very effective evangelism method, either). We need to be loving our Muslim (and pagan, and Hindu, and Jewish, and atheist, and secular) neighbors with a vibrant, active love.

    Comment on your rockers post… what’s wrong with rock music again? I’m most assuredly NOT reformed/Calvinist… and I don’t consider it a vice, either.

    Some folks seem to think that what we listen to is salvational… sheesh. I’ll betcha that if the hymns+organs were played for the Apostles they’d be shocked… and how on earth would King David have danced to that sort of music? Hmmmm…. food for thought!


  3. Kathi – Due to the amount of flaming email, sales pitches, spam and requests to pimp some product on my blog…some one else checks my email and then forwards the stuff from Compass Point folks to another private account. I’ll check with that person about your email and then get back to ya!!!

    Dave – Yeah…it’s been a while since I allowed comments on my blog…and that was back over at Typepad. I thought I would give it a shot on a one-time basis and see how it goes. Look forward to hanging with you next month at Evolve.


  4. Ray says:

    Good question, and I feel your pain. How much more DO we take? Exactly where is the limit? Well, how much more did the apostles take? How much more did Jesus himself have to take? What about all those heroes in Hebrews 11 – how much more did they have to take? Now, did Jesus ever tell us what to expect from the world? Did He ever tell us to PLAY dead?

    I don’t mean this as a rebuke, but a reminder that God is still sovereign over ALL creation. The question “How much more do we have to take?” is an issue that will be decided by the Management group. We’re still in operations. We report, He decides.

    Keep the faith.


  5. The Cartoon Wars episodes of South Park was making the same point. On T.V. they could have some one poop on the President and Jesus but if we dare show the prophet Mohammad drinking Lemonade, the world will end.

    It saddens me because I think these people are simply responding to how Jesus is shown to them (see Flannel graphs with Barbie Jesus) and the Ned Flanders stereotype of Christians. We need to reclaim a bold Jesus and a God worthy of fear. That is how we fight by just standing up to the stereotypes with truth. That’s how we fight. One on One battles between Christian and Yet-to-be Christians are the only way to win.

    Truthfully, I always thought Dana Jacobson was an idiot (she is a Michigan Fan – Go Buckeyes) and I lost some respect for her. I’m glad she is being somewhat held accountable for her words. In the words of Jesus, forgive them for they know not what they do.


  6. Nothing to do with this, but I do like that you’re trying out comments again. I know it can be a pain to moderate, but I think it’s a worthwhile opportunity. Hope it works out.

    Keep the good stuff coming, Chris.


  7. Pete says:

    I keep hearing Christians say, “We need to follow Christ’s example and forgive her”.

    Well with all due respect, it’s not our place to forgive. She didn’t disrespect us. She didn’t slander or blaspheme us. She sinned against Jesus. It’s His place to forgive her.

    I’m all for the Emergent concepts of “dialogue, communication, relationship” as far as a “missional” approach is concerned.

    However, our “relationship” and “dialogue” with the world should NEVER come at the expense of Jesus Christ’s honor and glory. That’s where the line is drawn, in my opinion. Not only for His sake but for ours as well.

    The honor and glory of Jesus’ name is a hill worth dying on.


  8. Hey Chris,

    Good to see you opening up your posts.

    I know how you feel that’s for sure. It’s frustrating that people feel free to insult Christianity while being very careful about Islam, Judaism, etc.

    But I keep thinking about what Jesus said about turning the other cheek, about expecting the world to hate us because it hated him, and how we ought to expect to be treated badly, not be surprised by it.

    My own take is that we ought to just keep serving, loving, and being as bright a light as possible, to reach as many as we can. If people don’t fear God any more (and they don’t) I believe it’s because the church isn’t modeling anything that brings people up short with the realization that God is alive and doing some incredible things on our old planet!

    I guess I could sum up my feelings by saying, “More walk and less talk” by those of us who call ourselves believers might just be the ticket!

    Of course – I could be wrong!!


  9. Lem says:

    If your point is that the teddy bear thing was a huge over-reaction, then I agree with you. But I think you’re suggesting that this woman should be punished more severely. You know in your heart that this woman does not intend to persecute christians– her comments were stupid and ignorant… but not hateful. Show us that Christ is a positive influence on your character by rising above petty emotions of anger, jealousy and revenge. The best way to educate and inform others is with love and understanding, not hatred and violence (financial or physical)… something our leaders would be wise to learn.


  10. chad myhre says:

    Christianity has had a history of acting out “tough” against heresy. The Muslims are burning heretics at the stake now: (cutting off their hands, head, mutilating them sexually, prison if they’re lucky). The “Christians” used to behave in the same way. They would torture confessions out of those who believed differently and burn them at the stake. They tied them up and threw them off of hay bales onto turned up pitchforks. They would disembowel.. skin alive and drown the inappropriate name-sayers.
    I look back at Church History and cringe at the way our forefathers acted tough.
    Jesus acted tough too. He took it and took it and took it. When He lashed out, it wasn’t towards his persecutors, but rather, towards those who misrepresented His Father.
    He didn’t roll over and play dead.. but He did roll over and allow the Romans to nail Him to a cross.
    So… I’m not sure. I think, in a big way.. we are s’posed to take it.
    I’d much rather fight…. and when it comes down to it, I might.


  11. Chris, this stuff bugs the heck out of me, if it is fair for the goose, well, it should be fair for the gander. I had a meeting with our school board because they wanted my 7th grade son to make a spiffy game board for a social studies class, good enough except the goal of the game was to make it a dice game showing the steps to reach nirvana. I was a little stunned that it was allowed in a public school, I asked them to rename this game and see if we replaced nirvana with salvation in Christ. Only one of the 7 board members would look me in the eye, the others just took me for a nut job. Well, I received a form letter in the mail letting me know why I was wrong and they knew better……… one mont later, we are home schoolers.
    We need to stand up to this junk, I posted a bit here
    kind of touching on the same thing.
    Keep up the good work


  12. phil-istine says:

    I’ll take my sports viewership to another site and e-mail ESPN to inform them why. We don’t need another corny churchy boycott where we take up a cause and look like clowns in the process. Someone always takes up the banner to grab 15 minutes of fame, pad their non-profit coffers, alienate non-christians, and make no effective impact on the issue. Further, I’ll seek to practice growth in personal holiness so I don’t bring shame on Jesus by my words and deeds. Cleaning up in-house is always the best place to start. Finally, I’ve never prayed for Dana J., until today.


  13. Chris…good luck at having the comments open.

    This same kind of crap bugs the heck out of me. I think the reason is becuase we as christians have allowed this to happen by taking the ‘meek as a lamb’ approach tp everything.

    I love your blog…I read it all the time.

    Keep up the good work.




  14. Matthew 3:7 But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to where he was baptizing, he said to them: “You brood of vipers!

    I say let’s bring it like Big John!

    Or hey wait….even better Jesus Himself.

    Matthew 23:33

    33″You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?


  15. Matt says:

    Just a thought….

    Your post sounds like you think Christians should be treated the same as other religions. Sort of like “well if the muslims get to….”. If we serve the one true God through Christ Jesus, and Jesus was very plain about many hating him (or in this case, mocking him), then why the rage and/or shock value? Didn’t Jesus warn his followers that stuff like this happens? I mean, when I decided to follow Jesus, I felt that hearing him made fun of came with the package. Do I like it? Absolutely not! But I do think that this stuff comes with the faith.

    Before I began to follow Jesus, my friends and I got on kick saying “F***’n Hallelujah!” or “Praise the F***’n Lord!” I even shouted this as I was entering a church! I thought it was hilarious back then….but now I feel sick thinking of it. However, Christ died for me too, even when I was an idiot. I’m relieved that I am forgiven of that. I think a rage response against this woman is the opposite response of what should come from us.

    To me, to demand this woman to have a harsh punishment for her offense instead of offering forgiveness is the same as saying F*** Jesus.


  16. Chris, Dana Jacobsen to my knowledge is not a Christian, but on Cold Pizza and First Take she was one of the quieter and tamer personalities alongside the likes of Skip Bayless, Woody Paige and Screamin’ A.

    She got hammered with a bottle of something and, drunk out of her mind, went up there and embarassed herself and her employer. Truthfully, if she had just said f*** Notre Dame or f*** Golic, considering she was at a roast for Mike and Mike where all kinds of other crazy things were said, it wouldn’t have gotten much attention.

    I wonder though though, in regards to her saying f*** Jesus how much of it was the alcohol, how much of it was her being a Michigan fan (Mike Golic, one of the guests of honor at the roast, is a fellow ESPN personality and reportedly goes back and forth with Jacobsen over the Michigan/Notre Dame thing on a regular basis) – and how much of it was her own sinful, fallen heart.

    Give her another chance. What she really needs to hear has to come from someone who knows Jesus and will tell her the gospel.


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