The Cowards Called al Quaeda

They shield their identities with hooded masks as they carry out unspeakable atrocities.  They saw off the heads of chained and bound people that have no ability to fight back.  They secretly scurry like rats from town to town killing or maiming innocent men, women and children.  Today they used mentally disabled women and remotely detonated explosive devices to further their reign of terror.  Why don’t they take off the masks, come out from the shadows and fight like men?  They can’t…they don’t have it in them.  For they are cowards…they are al Quaeda!!!

The Cowards Called al Quaeda

4 thoughts on “The Cowards Called al Quaeda

  1. This reminds me of a situation in Israel a couple of years back. Hamas got a mentally disabled 14 year ago, strapped a bomb to him and sent him toward an Israeli check point.
    Fortunately the kid started screaming “i dont want to die”, the soldiers intervened and prevented a loss of life


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