How We Roll: Communication


Lately I’ve been getting quite a few emails asking about how we do things at Compass Point.  It kind of freaks me out because we are still small and not very successful according to most standards.  We seem to be reaching mostly unchurched people and have very little “transfer growth” from other churches…maybe that is the reason for the questions about us.  Anyway, I though I would start occasionally posting about some of the stuff that we do at Compass Point in a series of posts called…”How We Roll”.

This edition is about our communication efforts within our flock.  To be honest….we stink at it.  We are working harder at trying to be more informative…but on limited staff, no administrative help…and being bi-vocational…it is tough.  We recently “tweaked” how we are communicating by email to our people.  Every other week we send out an email newsletter containing basic info about activities, events, times, locations, etc.  This week we are starting something new where I send out an email just sharing my thoughts about Compass Point, our vision and our mission (the header is above).  Basically one week the folks of Compass Point will get the newsletter…the next week an email from me…will alternative weekly.

We have discovered that HUGE emails never get read…so we try to keep them “high and tight”.  An email newsletter is not the same thing as the old “snail mail” newsletters…you can’t put as much info into them…because people just delete them.  We dropped the article I used to write in our email newsletter for that reason.  Hopefully sending the newsletter one week and my article the next will be successful…I’ll blog again once the results are in.

By the way…we use Constant Contact to do our email blasts…and we have about 50% of the subscribers open the stuff we send.  I have no clue if that is good or bad…it’s just “how we roll” at Compass Point.  🙂

How We Roll: Communication