Why We Don’t Do Sex Series…

I got a kick out of reading Bob Franquiz’s post today about their upcoming sex series.  He’s a great pastor…with a great church…doing some great things in the Miami area.  I guess the biggest kick for me about the post is that he can do a series on sex…at Compass Point it would work against us.

You see we reach some pretty bizarre people…with some pretty “colorful” pasts.  The first counseling session I ever did as the pastor of Compass Point was to convince a young married couple to stop using multiple partners.  Seems the husband would bring guys home from work several times a month to…hmmmm…”enjoy” his wife.  The second counseling session I ever had was with the same couple…to convince them that…while we enjoyed the tithe on Sundays…they should really stop selling the videos online of the wife with the guys from work (no, I never saw them even though the husband kept bragging about the production quality).  🙂

Seldom is a week that goes by that I’m not dealing with someone…or some couple…about not having “relations” until they are married.  The general thought from unchurched folks around here is that you should live together before you get married…so you can “kick the tires” and make sure the “thing will run” before you commit to the “purchase”.  Our youth guy is dealing with middle schoolers (yes, I said middle schoolers..as in 12 & 13-years-old) that are having full-on intercourse. We’ve had more swingers come through our doors than I ever knew existed.  For most pastors they have to warn their flocks not to bring porno into the house.  For me…I have to warn our people to stop making pornos.  I mean…we live in redneck, backwoods, “country values” Polk County…yet people are living some pretty sick and “active”  lives.

In essence, what I’m saying is that a message series about sex is good for other churches…but not for us.  I don’t need our flock having better sex, more Biblical sex, intimate monogamous sex or more romantic sex.  I need most of our flock to stop having sex!!!  🙂

Why We Don’t Do Sex Series…

6 thoughts on “Why We Don’t Do Sex Series…

  1. Steven says:


    I not only have to thank you for sharing, but I thank you for the great mid-workday laugh. I do appreciate it.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now (couple months) and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve come to truly respect your points of view.

    I do hope you don’t mind, and if this is the wrong place, I’ll gladly ask elsewhere. For that matter, if you don’t want to answer questions for random internet readers, that’s also fine.

    You talk about living together before marriage as a “test drive”, essentially. I guess my question is, and it’s one that I’m currently talking about with some people, is living together without sex still wrong, a sin, or unbiblical? I understand there’s the temptation of sex. I would greatly appreciate any Scripture or insight you might have.

    I appreciate your time reading, with or without response.


  2. Steven – Shoot me an email (chris@compasspointlakeland.com) that way I can answer you directly. I do not feel it is good for a couple to live together…with or without sex…before marriage. it had more with “fleeing from all appearances of evil” and obedience to God…than monogamy or immorality. I’ll go into more detail in an email. Thanks.


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