A Long Day Is Evolving

It’s like the quiet before the storm. I’m up…studying my sermon…thinking through the day.  It’s going to be a long day.  First it’s preaching about Jonah’s prayer…then lunch with the staff and their families…and then an 8-hour drive to Atlanta for the Evolve Conference.  I spent some more time last night “in training” for the “Guitar Hero” contest.  Word has it that they are making us play on the hard setting.  I break 10,000 points almost every time on easy, barely get past 2,000 on medium and look like a complete idiot on hard….that’s probably their intention.  It should make for an interesting contest.

I can’t determine if I’m excited or not about the trip.  On one hand I’m looking forward to hearing some good preaching and hooking up with some old friends.  On the other hand the Compass Point staff has been going through some “growth pains” and it has been a difficult few months.  This trip could bring us closer together or cause us to make some leadership changes when we get back.  Only time will tell…I’m looking to God to speak up in a big way while we are in Atlanta.

If you are going to Evolve and read this blog…look me up…I’d love to talk.  If you going to Evolve…and are in the Guitar Hero contest…I could be lying about how bad my skills are.  🙂

See you guys in Atlanta…

A Long Day Is Evolving

3 thoughts on “A Long Day Is Evolving

  1. Hi Chris,
    Have a blast in Atlanta. I wish I could be there but time will not allow me. I look forward to meeting you one day. If you see Travis Johnson there tell him Steve Wright said Hi.
    Pastor Steve- The Salt Mine


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