I’m In Atlanta

After a difficult drive through some pretty severe weather…we finally made Atlanta last night a little after 8:00pm.  We grabbed a bite, made the ceremonial trip to WalMart for stuff we forgot to pack and then back to the Comfort Suites in Cumming.  It’s been pretty fun so far…much inside joking among the staff….a good meeting late last night with two of my senior staff.

This morning my stomach is kind of in knots.  I really don’t know why?  It’s like I’m expecting something….God to speak while we are here.  Maybe not through the conference…maybe through some of the late-night conversations with other church pastors…maybe just through my quiet times with Him.  I can’t really put my finger on it…I’m just keyed up about whatever it is.

I’ll blog more as I know more.

I’m In Atlanta

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  1. What you need to settle your stomach… is a big helping of smokey bones! Tell Shawn i said hi… he and i are playing phone tag… oh, and learn something big… then tell me about… we will repackage it and make millions!


  2. I am writing this because I want to be held accountable. Last Friday, the day after Valentine’s Day, 2-15-08, I began a fast for 40 days. What am I fasting? Food. Until March 25th, 2008, I am on a liquid only diet. Yesterday, I had 3 Atkins shakes and beef broth. Broth, protein shakes and liquids will be the only things I put into my body. Yes, I am losing weight. Yes, my pants feel lose. I am learning stuff in just a few days. My weight has been holding me back from doing the things I should be doing for my family, my friends, myself and most importantly God’s glory. I have gone from 286 pounds to 278 pounds since last Friday. Eight less pounds of me, so far. God is taking away my hunger for food. That is amazing for a kid who weighed in at 77 pounds when I was 3 years old. For years, I have been using food to medicate myself. I have been using food to fill a hole that only God can fill. I am looking forward to what God is going to teach and show me during this new journey.


  3. El to the Rod,

    Man I want you to know that I am praying for the CP staff. I recognize the importance and have witnessed the difference that God has made using you and the CP staff in Lakeland.

    I hope that whatever needs to be revealed is. I feel like God is saying to me that you are already well aware of what it is He’s trying to reveal, but are having a hard time bringing it to fruition, and for whatever reason I’m seeing signs everywhere that just say “Go for it.”

    Take that for whatever it means. I could be completely off my rocker, seeings how I’ve never heard God’s voice directly, He likes to talk to me through commercials and songs on the radio, as well as billboards. 🙂 (Perhaps thats my sign to spend less time in the car…lol)

    Have a great week Chris! Let me know if there’s anything in specific that you all need to have covered. You’ve got my addy.


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