6 thoughts on “The Moment…

  1. Wow Chris you really let down all of us in the “Old Guys Rule Crowd” Maybe you still rock and roll all night but it seems that party everyday day is a thing of the past. It was probably the “extra gravy” last night that got you. If only you had taken Shawn’s advice on discipline you might have been a winner. Rock On!


  2. Chris I was pulling for you. But, I noticed that your confidence wasn’t so hot going into the match. You need to listen to more sermons by Joel Osteen so that you can have a better self-image going into these types of matches.

    On a more serious note, I loved meeting you and ‘breaking bread’. The conference was wonderful and I can’t wait to write about what I experienced and learned. I’ll do that as soon as I get some sleep. My flight arrived at 2:30 AM LA Time and then I turned around and flew out to San Francisco this morning. I think I need one of those Red Bull/ Rock Star energy drinks right now.



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