Our New Office

If there is one thing I have learned in three years of church planting…it is wait upon the Lord.  He has so much more in mind for us that we can’t even fathom.

For several years we have wanted to get into some type of office.  Just by the very nature of our leadership structure and style…we don’t really use an office for more than meetings and study.  There have been some offers from local businesses over the years for office space but it was almost always too expensive.  We just kept praying…and waiting…being open to God’s providence when He was ready to deliver.

This morning we began to move into our new office.  We are actually sharing it with an innovative energy company .  Okay…in all honesty they own it…but are sub-leasing parts of it to us.  We have one large office with a shower, a conference room, a large fully functioning kitchen, a foyer/receptionist area and a HUGE mail room that doubles as an assembly area for printed projects.  The whole place is wired with wireless T1 lines (as in faster than DSL), a rather extensive phone system and we have access to a MONSTER color copier/publishing machine (the freakin’ thing does binding).

What is the price tag for all of this?  $100 a month.  I kid you not!  God knows our needs so much better than we do.  I’m glad we remained patient…followed God’s leading…and waited for Him to deliver in a BIG way!!!

Our New Office

8 thoughts on “Our New Office

  1. chad myhre says:

    Most people are paying that just to lease a crappy copier half as good as the one you get to use. Are the alternative energy people trying to earn points with God?


  2. Chris…can we send you stuff to print. Our color copier gives us more trouble than eczema. We’ve had the copy machine guy out so much lately I’m starting to think he’s on staff.

    It’s really starting to piss me off actually. Pray for me 🙂

    that is awesome btw…not fair but awesome!


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