Random Thoughts, Quotes And Link Overload From “Evolve Conference 2008”

These are just random thoughts, quotes and links from my time at “Evolve 2008” this week.

  1. The Compass Point staff and I had a blast…came back with a BUNCH of in-jokes…and discovered that we need an RV for the church.
  2. The Mountain Lake team never ceases to amaze me with their professionalism, hospitality and servant’s hearts.
  3. It’s great to finally be at a place that we come back from conferences and only tweak what we are already doing…not totally revamp everything.
  4. The Compass Point staff got fired up and I got my toes stepped on BIG TIME during the main sessions. I’ve got to be a better leader…get back to the things of God…and let some of this administrative stuff go to the ones God has called to handle it.
  5. Just being around the staff of guys like Shawn Lovejoy and Steven Furtick…seeing how they interact…conduct ministry together…was worth the price of admission.
  6. Shawn Lovejoy’s main session ROCKED my world…and helped me zero in on some areas I need to get worked out in my own life…and leadership.
  7. Steve Furtick’s breakout session made me want to crash the gates of Hell with a squirt gun. We are getting more clay pots ready for the oil (you had to be there).
  8. David Putman can actually pull off the whole “road hog biker” thing!!!
  9. Had a blast getting to know Chris Rosebrough of Extreme Theology.
  10. “Our systems looked stupid when we were running 40 people. People would laugh at us back then…no one’s laughing now!” – Steve Furtick
  11. My staff would leave me for Dave Anderson and Gary Lamb in a heart beat (don’t even think about it guys)!!!
  12. I feel a little bit better about getting beat by Jay Hardwick in Guitar Hero after he won the whole thing.
  13. Telling a room full of pastors how to reach today’s culture with the Gospel…while never even once mentioning the Word of God or a passage of Scripture in a 45-minute breakout session…just leaves you irrelevant in the “World of Elrod”!!!
  14. “Self control is about getting under God’s control” – Shawn Lovejoy
  15. I wish I had the eloquence and vocabulary of Mark Batterson. That dude is the walking example of an effective communicator.
  16. I love hanging out with Tadd Grandstaff and Scottie Pollard.
  17. “Courageous leadership is not the product of “cut and paste”…it must be born from the inside out!” – Steve Furtick
  18. God gives me dreams from seeing other people’s dreams in action!!!
  19. I got to be at Jason Salamun’s first tasting of Waffle House. That dude is going to serious make some impact for Christ in the Rapid City area!!!
  20. Somebody PLEASE go over to Mark Love’s blog and comment. It might inspire him to post something more than twice a year!!!
  21. One minute I’m talking to Patrick Gillen and the next minute he is becoming a father. Weird how one day can go.
  22. It always blows me away seeing how God to can use such diverse methods and people for His kingdom!!!
  23. My conversations with Scott Whitaker are never long enough. The guy seriously stretches me.
  24. I finally got to finally meet Chris Reeder and his wife Susanne. They are like one of the coolest church plant couples I’ve ever met. I look forward to hanging out with them in the future for a longer conversation.
  25. “Don’t let the arrow of criticism pierce your heart until it passes through the filter of the Scriptures” – Mark Batterson
  26. Made plans to hook up with J.R. Lee and Michael Lukaszewski for some one-on-one time.
  27. Being around great pastors…helps to create great pastors.
  28. Found out that Furtick reads my blog…gee…no pressure there. 🙂
  29. I still have a week’s worth of processing to get everything I discovered at Evolve out of my head…onto paper…and into action.
  30. Paul Peterson is going to rock Cincinnati for Christ…that guy is so ready…I wish I had been as prepared as he is when Compass Point was planted.
  31. I am totally JACKED UP for Unleash next month!!! See some of you there…
Random Thoughts, Quotes And Link Overload From “Evolve Conference 2008”

9 thoughts on “Random Thoughts, Quotes And Link Overload From “Evolve Conference 2008”

  1. I think I’ve already said this, but it was really cool to meet you, too!
    And it’s even “cooler” to know that you think we’re “one of the coolest”!! 😉
    Looking forward to seeing you at Unleash!


  2. —-
    I’m with Steven on #13. I left a couple of the Catalyst sessions this last year for the very same reason. Want to talk to me about culture? Preach on Jesus and the woman at the well. Walk me through Paul on Mars Hill. Racial issues? Tell me about a man named Peter and his sheet.

    “Don’t let the arrow of criticism pierce your heart until it passes through the filter of the Scriptures” – Mark Batterson

    This is so true.


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