I’m 42 years old today…halftime. The game has been sweet up until this point…but the second half is going to ROCK!!! You ain’t seen nothing yet….God has given me some pretty incredible plays for the third and fourth quarter!!!

These words keep running through my mind today….

So understand
Don’t waste your time always
Searching for those wasted years
Face up… make your stand
And realize you’re living in the golden years


A free copy of Fusion by Nelson Searcy to the first one that names the song and band…


12 thoughts on “Halftime


    for the record, i knew it was iron maiden before reading jason’s comment.

    (a) don’t underestimate the power of wanting to impress a super-cute boy with your “metal knowledge” when you are in jr. high (which I was in 1987)

    (b) we “covered” this song recently right before a sermon on “what will your legacy be?”

    i’m just that cool.
    tell all your friends.



  2. Chris,

    I must admit… I’m not a true metal fan. I enjoy an occasional song!

    I am a google fan, though. I hope that doesn’t disqualify me =)

    I’d love to connect with you over coffee. Email or call me!



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