Becoming A Healthy Leader

Yesterday I began a two-part post and mentioned that Compass Point desires to be a healthy church. Healthy churches start with healthy leaders. I have not been a very healthy leader since I began this journey as a church planter…as a result my wife, church, staff, home and…most importantly my relationship with God…has suffered. As I said in an earlier post I got my toes stepped on BIG TIME at this year’s Evolve Conference…mainly by Shawn Lovejoy and Steven Furtick. Since then I have been working at becoming healthy in all areas of my life…and leadership.

With that in mind I’d like to point out three blog posts that have rocked my world in the last two weeks. If you are a church planter, pastor, staff member or leader, please take the time to go read them.

  1. Those Self Assessment Questions by Shawn Lovejoy
  2. Pastors Gotta Represent by Steven Furtick
  3. The Healthy Leader by Shawn Lovejoy
Becoming A Healthy Leader

4 thoughts on “Becoming A Healthy Leader

  1. I am the most unhealthy Leader I know, After almost 5 years of “ministry” I am staring down the barrel of bancruptcy, walking the razors edge of marital separation, and asking myself when exactly it was I lost my first (and almost my wife’s) love?I havent even been a good enough leader to keep my wife and kids living with me. PTL, Christ has hit the reset button on my life, starting over basically from scratch, Im just trying to get back to loving Christ and dwelling in the overflow. Thanks for the blog site Chris, Ill be checking back regularly.


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