Sunday Night Thoughts

I rarely post anything to my blog over the weekend, but I’m making a slight exception tonight. Last week was interesting and this next week is going to at warped speed. I thought I might just hit some bullet points to clear some things from my brain.

  • Today was a bittersweet day…great attendance…several people accepted Christ…memorial service for Pete.
  • Looking forward to being at Unleash this week. Never been…have no clue what to expect…but know that Perry and his peeps don’t play any games.
  • Getting to stop by here for a few hours on the way up. I’m pumped about spending some time in prayer there.
  • Nothing we have gotten from another church has ever worked for Compass Point.
  • Realized this week that trying to get systems into place has stifled what God called us to do. Kicked several systems to the curb…things are much better now.
  • Some of the guys I’m accountable to said I’ve still got too much input from other pastors and church growth resources. They were right…I’m dropping a bunch of stuff this week.
  • Just dumped almost every podcast today…guys that use to move me…don’t anymore. Now I just get two or three sermons by guys that God uses to speak to me.
  • Kicked a bunch of blogs to the curb also. I use to track about 100 a day…now I’m down to about ten…about five more I check out weekly.
  • Making some slight changes in our leadership structure when I get back. Laid the ground work on Friday and today…I get to go back to just being the pastor…not the administrator.
  • I’m answering less and less email from people that read my blog. I’m amazed at the arm chair quarterbacks that feel that I some how fall under their accountability. Only the foolish think of themselves as wise…
  • With each passing week Compass Point looks less and less like the writings of Paul…and more and more like the ministry of Jesus. More on that later.
  • We dropped our vision/mission statement this morning…just axed it. The whole vision statement concept is so yesterday and cheesy…it was a punchline to our people. Our new vision statement…Matthew 28:18-20…no joke…it’s now in our bylaws.
  • Many of the books I am reading today…are about practices that worked yesterday…and have no relevance for ministry tomorrow. I just can’t drink that Kool-Aid anymore.
  • I’m getting more and more obsessed with time management…as well as clearing some things out of my life.
  • Had to take the first steps this week into some spiritual discipline with a couple I dearly love…but the cancer wasn’t getting cured. Once last chance before we have to cut it out of the Body.
  • The harder I preach…the less seeker-sensitive we are…the more people show up…and accept Christ.
  • Organized churches work for organized people…Compass Point really thrives…and takes comfort in…the chaos.
  • Our folks are weird…expository preaching works so well with us…topical only in small doses. Go figure???
  • We’re not dropping as many balls as we used to…of course we aren’t trying to be other churches like we used to.
  • I love falling back…but hate springing forward.
  • I’ve scheduled in some vacation time for the first time in three years. I looking forward to thinking about…not thinking. 🙂
  • Gary is going to rib me pretty hard for this…but the Jonas Brothers put on a great show last night.
  • It’s March…and we are freezing down here in Florida this weekend. I can’t remember it being this cold in the ten years I’ve lived here.
  • I’m tired…going to bed…
Sunday Night Thoughts

4 thoughts on “Sunday Night Thoughts

  1. Comfort in the chaos. Amen. It amazes me how everytime I have tried to copy what others have done it falls flat on its face. When I abandon myself to the chaos, GOD moves.
    Sort of scary though.


  2. Mike – The main thing for us is that trying to be organized with definitive systems is working for us. We’re finding the best way to conduct discipleship is not through a systematic approach…but through small groups of specific people at a time. The chaos just works best for us.


  3. Chris, I am pretty new to your blog and I think your church website is under contstruction. I was wondering if you had a podcast? Thanks man.


  4. Chris

    That is the same in my experience. Discipleship has to be focused on those being discipled, as individuals. In my experience one size or method never fits all.


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