I’ve Got A Free Unleash Ticket

Just found out two very important things about the Unleash Conference

  1. Tony Morgan just announced that the conference is sold out.
  2. One of my guys had to drop out of the trip because of unforeseen circumstances.

I’ve got no one else that can take off on such short notice, so that leaves me with a unused admission to Unleash.  If you’d like it…drop me an email…I’m not charging a dime for it…it’s your’s for free!!!

I’ve Got A Free Unleash Ticket

One thought on “I’ve Got A Free Unleash Ticket

  1. Man…I wish I would have checked your blog yesterday!!

    by the way, just so you know who I am. I met you at Chilli’s in Cumming, Ga during the churchplanters.com conference. I was eating dinner with Jason Salamun.

    you might remember me…maybe not.

    have fun at unleash.


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