To NewSpring Church…

This post is specifically for the staff, leaders, volunteers and flock of NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC. I just wanted to say…THANK YOU!!!

  • Thank you for the hand-written note that you sent last week.
  • Thank you for the ease in which we registered.
  • Thank you for an inviting parking lot with wonderful attendants providing direction.
  • Thank you for the exciting way you welcomed everyone this morning.
  • Thank you for the attention to detail from the bathrooms to the staging.
  • Thank you for one of the most incredible conference booklets I’ve ever seen.
  • Thank you for the smile with the cup of coffee.
  • Thank you for the clarity in sound and the artistry with the video and lighting.
  • Thank you for incredible music and bringing us into the presence of God through worship.
  • Thank you for praying over me even though I was not your pastor.
  • Thank you for not making us feel like a guest…but one of the family.
  • Thank you for the professionalism, servant’s heart and Christian example of love.
  • Thank you most of all for allowing God to work through you…to invest in the lives of pastors and church leaders…from all over the world. The impact you made today for the Kingdom of Christ will be felt well beyond Anderson, SC.
To NewSpring Church…

4 thoughts on “To NewSpring Church…

  1. ceschneider says:

    All our thanks goes to God and the wonderful attendees who made yesterday an experience of true shared worship. All glory goes to Him for making possible such a gathering of energy and heartfelt love.
    Can’t wait for Unleash 2009!!!!!
    Your friend,
    Chip Schneider


  2. Dan White says:

    Let your yes be yes…and your no mean no…when we say welcome to Newspring, guess what…you are “welcome” at Newspring! So many stories, so little time. Come early and come often, we’ll be waiting!

    Dan White
    Unworthy Greeter


  3. Leslie White says:

    Chris and the Rocking “Compass Point Crew”!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your obedience to God’s call in your life! And thank you for the HUGE investment ( not money, but time and energy) you made in getting here to Unleash! We LOVED having you here! Your smile was a true inspiration to me all day… every time I saw you there was that big smile!
    To volunteer at Unleash is absolutely pure, unadulterated JOY! It is such an honor for God to use us to serve His servants! We are honored that you spent a day out of your life here with us. How awesome is God that He can use everyday folks like us to help you travel on this journey He has set you on!
    Thanks again for being here! I will be waiting out front, bullhorn in hand, for that smile next year!!!
    Grace and Peace,
    Leslie White
    Greeter, NewSpring


  4. It was a pleasure to serve all of you. I planned months ahead to be a part of UNLEASH as a volunteer. Meeting our brothers and sisters in Christ is always awesome. Cant wait until next year!!


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