Follow Up On The “Bombshells”

As I said last night I dropped two “bombshells” on Compass Point yesterday. I’ll break them down…

1. I am done handling administration and staff. Believe it or not I think this sent the most “shock waves” through the church yesterday. We are numerically past the point where I can take every meeting, allow “face time” with every leader or know everything that is going on at Compass Point. The control freak side of me wanted to believe I could do all the staff and administration stuff I use to do when we launched…and still be able to preach and cast vision. I think I’ve also allowed some of our staff to lean on me…instead of the other way around. Right before we left for Unleash I moved Kyle Bridges into the Executive Pastor role…and changed my title to Senior Pastor. The reason for my title change was that I am no longer the only Lead Pastor at Compass Point…Kyle is now helping to lead also. I’m going to be attending very few meetings in the coming days…most of my meetings will be with only Kyle and I…and obviously the Elders when needed.

2. Numbers do matter. Some where along the way people began to think I was the poster child and head spokesman for small churches. With our focus at Compass Point on small groups and trying to create community…we were constantly trying to break things down to smaller increments. Therefore, I now understand where that “gotta be small” mentality may have come from. The problem is…I’ve never been about being a small church. I do know this…if God’s hand is on something…that something begins to grow. One of the greatest things I have ever heard in ministry…ever…is during a phone call with Perry. He told me, “Chris, we never set out to be a mega-church at NewSpring…we just set out to reach people for Christ…and God began to bless our efforts.” That one line has rocked my ministry and world like no other. I live for the Pete’s of this world…people far from God…that come to know Him. Sure I understand the need for discipleship, mercy and benevolence..but those are not my calling…I have other people on staff that get jazzed about those things. I want to see God move in our midst and people come to know Him…with that comes numerical growth. I’m all about that…the problem is that I’ve never said that to the folks of Compass Point before yesterday.

Follow Up On The “Bombshells”

4 thoughts on “Follow Up On The “Bombshells”

  1. Chris,

    Good words. My heart is to impact the world around me. Growth is a normal part of that impact. Growth can conme in many forms. I love your desire to build community. No matter what people should be connected.

    From a leadership point of view we have to let emerging leaders grow. That means we have to step back and let others step forward, make a few mistakes and lead.


  2. Fred says:

    Ditto what Mike said. Too many control freak pastors end up treating their fellow servants like employees that owe them, not God, their time and talents.
    I’m always amazed to see what can happen when a man lets God show them what to do and then does it.
    God Bless!


  3. Chris,

    Moving Kyle into the Exec. Pastor role was brilliant and probably long overdue. When I brought on Kevin Stone as our Executive guy here it changed everything overnight.

    A mentor of mine with a ton of experience in churches much larger than ours keeps asking me, “Brian, what do you have to give up in order to allow God to grow your church?” I hate it every time he asks, but glad he does.

    Press on.

    Brian Jones


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