Lee McDerment: A Cure For Panty Praise

Recently I had someone tell me I was the Simon Crowell of praise music…always being pretty hard on the fact that the majority of it is pretty wimpy and lame. It’s true…most of today’s praise music is a HUGE turn off for me….mainly because the guys writing it and singing it sound like…and dress like…they bought their underwear from Victoria’s Secret. That’s why I call much of it “panty praise”. I’m a male…singing to God…who is a male…and I feel like a big girl when I have to sing words like…

Beautiful One, I love
Beautiful One, I adore
Beautiful One, my heart must sing

To top it off the musicianship is just…well panty wearing also. No crunch to the guitars…bass guitar and kick drums too far down in the mix…the production too slick and polished. It’s like Culture Club with crappy Christian lyrics. Pitiful!!!

However, last week I discovered a cure for panty praise…”A Match Light In The Dark” by Lee McDerment. It’s dude rock for…well dudes. Great praise music with manly lyrics and some “melt-your-face-off” music. I’m serious…this is the real deal. No panties…no Victoria’s Secret…just straight ahead rock n’ roll praise with lyrics any man can grunt to. Don’t believe me? Then go here and check out the second song “We Stand”. For those that have been suckling on Hughes and Tomlin for too long…that sound you hear on the song…it’s called distorted guitar. Take it in and allow it to release your inner-John The Baptist!!! Every time I hear “Top Of Our Lungs” I just wanna holler, “You brood of vipers” at some unsuspecting person. Even a song like “Our God Is Love” will have Nickleback fans cowering in fear from the power of the guitars. The solo in “Uncontainable” is worth the price of the compact disc alone!!!

My advice…peel off those silky drawers…run commando through your office…and make a web-enhanced beeline for CD Baby to order this album. I promise this is not your wife’s praise music…file it under “wup your butt worship”…my laptop caught fire three times upon the first listen. Lee and his album definitely get the “Elrod Stamp Of Approval” that comes with my exclusive “no panty guarantee”!!!

UPDATE: You can now purchase Lee’s music through iTunes.Β  That means no waiting on the postal service…pure pantyless praise with just the click of a mouse!!!

Lee McDerment: A Cure For Panty Praise

16 thoughts on “Lee McDerment: A Cure For Panty Praise

  1. Chris – found your blog through Bobby Triplett, I’ve enjoyed reading. Will especially pay attention to the music recommendations in the future, this is a good one. On my iPod now.


  2. I think I am going to mail this album to Jack Black….. I think it could change his life!!
    It is so nice to have someone Rock the Name of Jesus…… Lee you are a new Play list of mine I wont stop listening too………


  3. Chip Schneider says:

    If “A Match Light in the Dark” doesn’t make you grab your ‘air guitar’ or shamelessly sing God’s praises out the car window, no matter how off key, at the stop light, then it is probably appropriate for those who care to call the county coroner.

    Imagine the potential for Dana Carvey’s career(and Garth Algar’s life) if Garth from Wayne’s World could have had an opportunity to listen to “A Match Light in the Dark”…..


  4. Mike – LOL!!! πŸ™‚

    Jimmy – Yeah, I like Lincoln also…though he is getting a little “mushy” these days. His version of “Shout To The Lord” is still the best!!!


  5. Chris…yeah his Shout to The Lord was great.

    Have you listened to Jeremy Camp or Building 429? Saw Building 429 in concert a while back…they were great too.


  6. The music is pretty good. At times, it really does make me feel like getting a little violent. I like that feeling.

    But…..the vocals…..not exactly a fit in my humble opinion. They are not “rock” vocals, but they are still pretty good. Just an awkward fit with the tones. The vocals seem more like 80s prog, without the range.

    But…..the way you talked about the artists in “panties” is lame on just about any level. Unless of course you don’t mean to sound like such a rude guy. Assuming the best, I am thinking you are kidding around with the slams. I would tell you that if you like worship songs to rock, there are plenty out there. But, if you were really the music fan you seem to think you are, you would already know that, and you wouldn’t really thinks this rocks quite so hard. Look past mainstream Christian and you might find some stuff you think is cool. The internet is a great place to start.

    No offense…..I’m just saying though….


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