Somebody At Exponential Screwed Up!!!

I just found out I’m doing a breakout session on blogging with Scott Hodge and Todd Rhoades of Monday Morning Insight fame. First of all…those guys are WAY out of my league when it comes to blogging. Secondly, this whole thing entitles me to a backstage pass at the conference. That means that I get to hang out with Tim Keller, Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Ed Stetzer and others. This could get pretty crazy…somebody at Exponential screwed up BIG TIME!!! 🙂

Can you imagine the bizarre questions I’m going to be asking those guys. “Excuse me Dr. Keller, what is the best place to buy a fake Rolex in New York?” “Dr. Stetzer, can you write the forward to my new book, Breaking The Missional Children’s Church Code: Changing Lives With Juice And Cookies?” “Hey Rick Warren…can you get me Hillary’s autograph?”

It should be outta hand and fun. Anyone out there got anymore questions I can ask…they can be funny or serious?

Somebody At Exponential Screwed Up!!!

7 thoughts on “Somebody At Exponential Screwed Up!!!

  1. haha that is awesome. I would say they aren’t out of your league but I know the feeling of being around people that feel bigger than life. So I get what you are saying.


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