I’m Hating Technology Right Now!!!

Three weeks ago the DSL service at our house slowed to a crawl.  After replacing the modem and wi-fi…still no speed.  Verizon told me they were having trouble with a line in the area and things should be back to normal in a few days.  That was  over two weeks ago.  Verizon tech support keeps telling me they have no record of problems and it must be with my hardware.  I have refused to pay them…or give them back their modem…it’s all still unresolved.  I have guns stashed around the house…good luck to them in getting their equipment back.  🙂

My Sirius radio system fritzes out when it rains..something about the wiring.  Guess what?  It’s the rainy season down here in Central Florida.  I freakin’ hate regular free radio…shock jocks, shock jock wannabes and endless commercials.

Over a month ago my I lost text messaging on my Nokia E62 for no reason.  Gary hipped me to it when I wasn’t getting his messages.  AT&T’s been working on it for several weeks…finally worked it out last Friday.  Got text capabilities back…lost my Blackberry service and email.  AT&T’s been working on it over the last four days.  They finally  just dropped the service today so they could add it back on with a new account.  Dropped the Blackberry service…couldn’t get it back on my phone.   The local sales rep calls the main tech support only to be told that Blackberry is no longer available on the E62’s…I have to get a new phone…for $200 because I didn’t qualify for an upgrade.  After explaining to AT&T that they had violated their own contract by discontinuing a service they had promised in writing…and that I was no longer obligated to pay them (I’ve been an AT&T Wireless customer since 1992)…they played around an essentially got me a new Blackberry 8310 Curve for free.

Got the new phone home…only to find that it’s not Mac capable.  Had to download third-party software in order to sync up with iCal, address book, tasks, etc.  Found out I could no longer sync by Bluetooth like my old E62…have to use a USB cable every time I want to sync.  Synced up…then lost all ability to text, handle email or even get on MediaNet.  Called tech support…they are closed…as is the local store until tomorrow morning.  I’m not that patient.  Oh yeah, I can’t pair up my Bluetooth headset because I have to be able to send the phone a numeric passkey code.  Silly me forgot to get a Bluetooth headset with a keyboard built into it.  🙂

I’m hating technology right now in a BIG WAY.  Life is not easier with technology…just more stressful.  At this moment I don’t feel relaxed because technology has made my life more simple…I’m feeling like Denise needs to hide the guns I have stashed around the house.  🙂

Props to Angela at the local AT&T store…she really worked hard to get the phone thing worked out today.  I’m sure she’ll get all the bi=ugs worked out with my new phone tomorrow…and I’ll be back to loving technology again.  🙂

I’m Hating Technology Right Now!!!

7 thoughts on “I’m Hating Technology Right Now!!!

  1. My brother, that is why I bought an iPhone.

    Hey, I’m enjoying your blog. I lived in Lakeland for four years while attending Southeastern. It’s great to hear from someone in that area. Is Silver Ring Cafe still open downtown? Man, those were the BEST Cuban sandwiches! Oh, and the stuffed potatoes! Wow!

    Anyway, keep up the great work!


  2. Ahhhhhh. Just another day in the office for me. Somedays I wonder who invented this crap. I want to take them out and give them a smacking.


  3. Pat – Haven’t seen the show yet…but eill check it out. How’s the new baby?

    Chad – Yeah the Silver Ring is still down by the ice cream shop at Munn Park. It still has the BEST Cuban sandwiches and stuff potatoes!!! 🙂


  4. You can see clips on YouTube of Free Radio. I can’t tell if it’s a legit hidden camera or staged, but it’s pretty funny.

    Baby Shay is doing great! He’s growing! The sad thing is Mel goes back to work on Monday and I’ll be Mr. Mom on top of everything else for several weeks. I’m not really looking forward to that, but it’ll work.


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