Technology Sucks!!!

I’m done…I’m going back to books, paper and pens…screw technology!!!  I still can’t get my Gmail and Mac email accounts to sync with my Blackberry account.  AT&T nor Blackberry can seem to find out why.  Their solution…just use my Blackberry email account only (it’s the only one that still works).  Let me get this straight…I signed up for…and paid for…and contracted for…a service that doesn’t work.  It is not my fault that it doesn’t work…it is the service provider’s fault.  Their answer…ignore the problem…deal with the fact that it doesn’t work…but still pay them for the service for another year (until the contract is up).  Customer service was a casualty of Y2k…it’s dead!!!

By the way…Twitter sucks also.  Finally heard back from the losers that handle tech support for them.  Their suggestion…shut down my account and start a new one.  Do the words “bite” and “me” ring a bell?

Technology Sucks!!!

6 thoughts on “Technology Sucks!!!

  1. Shrop says:


    You have a Mac and a blackberry. Drop the BB and get an iPhone. Use IMAP for mail. Works like a charm.

    Twitter is what it is. Did you ask for your money back 🙂

    BTW. I think we all go through this at times.. Technology isn’t helpful when it gets in the way.



  2. Chris,

    Have you tried to go to
    Click download all
    This should allow you to sync your gmail and google calendar, along with some other stuff.

    let me know if it works or not…and i’ll see if i can help you some more.



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