The Email Promotion

A BUNCH of folks have been emailing me about the email promotion we are doing right now.  Seems that others are considering using the service and want to know if it is working…all I can say is…it’s hard to tell.  We’ve had a little miscommunication in the process so the results of actual online hits is a little hard to tell measure.  We had specifically asked that the email not go out until yesterday…a message from the marketing company said it “started going out Monday”.  I’m not sure what that means…but it’s not quite what we asked for.  On Monday night we went “live” with the new website…with a counter set to zero.  We also got Google Analytics loaded up and working.  As of right now there are almost 700 hits to the website…most of them have come from people linking off my blog.  We are also a little concerned about where the emails were actually sent.  We got the impression when talking with the company that they’d be in “our area”.  Upon further questioning this week we were told it would be within a 30 mile radius of Lakeland.  At that range we are not reaching Lakeland…we are reaching Orlando and Tampa.  Like I said…much concern there.

So to answer everyone’s email…I really can’t tell you if the email promotion worked.  At the moment it looks to be “no”…but the real proof is Sunday.  I know there will be dozens of more accomplished pastors telling me that marketing is strictly to get your name in the community.  I have a marketing background…I’m also pretty “no nonsense”…f it don’t put butts in the seats…it’s a waste of money.

We are suppose to get a report from the company Monday to give us their results.  We’ll know our take on the results within the first ten minutes of the service on Sunday. I’m not expecting hundreds…but there better be at least one.  🙂

The Email Promotion

2 thoughts on “The Email Promotion

  1. We bought a 3 email campaign with those guys (IP). After the first one went out, I asked that it be stopped and we get 2/3rds of the money back.

    I didn’t see the traffic and I definitely didn’t see any warm bodies at church as a result. I didn’t even get a dirty email from anyone flaming me for spamming their inbox.

    Considering how densely populated Miami is, we should have been nailing residents all over our area. If it didn’t work here, I don’t know where it would work…unless it just didn’t get executed properly. Ultimately, we decided that if that was the case, we’d go blow it on execution of some other project ourselves and at least learn something positive in the process..


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