Email Marketing Hard Numbers

Just got the email from Inbox Promotions.  Here are the hard numbers:

Total Emails Sent = 102,000 within a 30-mile radius of Compass Point

Total Emails Opened = 17,948 or 17.5%

Total Visits To Our Site From The Email = 751 or 4% of the total opened or less than 1% of the emails sent

Total Number Of Butts In The Seats On Sunday = 0

Like I said…the staff is still weighing whether we’ll do this again.  No offense to Inbox…I’ve heard great things from other church pastors that had better results.  Again…super guys to work with!!!

Email Marketing Hard Numbers

4 thoughts on “Email Marketing Hard Numbers

  1. We did a telephone campaign once – called like 20,000 homes. Got lots of interest (maybe 100 people) called them all to follow up. The people who came probably escaped from a senior center or something. There was lots of blue hair. When we showed a video that contained a music video by green day some of the ran out the door. We did get one guy who was in his 70’s that stuck around for a few months. We SUCK at marketing!


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