Hello, I’m Tony Morgan

Yesterday I received a very strange box in the mail.  It was hand addressed to me with no return address and no indication on who it was from (see Item A below).  When I opened it (after testing it for biological and chemical agents…not to mention for explosives) I found a BUNCH of business cards.  I thought that was great since I just ordered a new batch of business cards (between Evolve and Unleash mine were all gone).  Imagine my surprise when all of the cards turned out to be for…Tony Morgan (see Item B below).  At first I thought it was a mistake…but upon further contact to Tony I found out that it was indeed not a mistake.  Seems a week or so ago Tony Twittered that he hardly ever gave out business cards because no one really asks for them.  I replied back that if he would send me one of his business cards that I would create a “place of honor” for it on my fridge.  Lo and behold…Tony sent enough cards to paper the entire kitchen!!!  🙂

I think while I’m at Exponential…when people come up to me…I’ll say, “Hello, I’m Tony Morgan” and give them one of his cards.  🙂

Now…if only I could pull off a way to say, “Hello…I’m Pastor Steven Furtick” and give out one of his cards  🙂



Hello, I’m Tony Morgan

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  1. on the subject of business cards… we order ours from netprint24.com in florida (right down the road from you I believe). With shipping it’s like 70 bucks for 2500 both sides color and glossy. it would take you a long time to run out of 2500!


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