A Dark Day For The SBC And A Candid Conversation With Ed Stetzer

Yesterday Lifeway released some pretty depressing research results about the Southern Baptist Convention…my denomination. For the first time we are a denomination that has ceased to grow…at the top of the bell curve…and could be in decline. Also released yesterday was a commentary by Dr. Ed Stetzer on his blog about the reasons why this is happening. I personally feel that the results presented by Lifeway and Dr. Stetzer’s blog post are of historical significance to the Southern Baptist Convention…one of those “where were you when you heard the news” kind of moments. For me…I can answer that question this way…I was sitting next to Dr. Stetzer when I heard it…on the day it was released.

Below is a video of a 30-minute candid conversation that Scott Hodge, Brad Lomenick, Todd Rhoads, Greg Surratt and I had with Dr. Stetzer just hours after the story broke and he posted his commentary. Due to the limitations of YouTube…and my feeling that none of Dr. Stetzer’s words should be cut…I posted the entire interview in three 10-minute sections. I would encourage anyone in SBC leadership to take the time to view them…they are alarming, comforting, prophetic…and incredibly important to the future of the Southern Baptist Convention!!!

Candid Conversation With Ed Stetzer – Part 1

Candid Conversation With Ed Stetzer – Part 2

Candid Conversation With Ed Stetzer – Part 3

A Dark Day For The SBC And A Candid Conversation With Ed Stetzer

8 thoughts on “A Dark Day For The SBC And A Candid Conversation With Ed Stetzer

  1. And I remember the days when you said Ed was a broken record… 🙂
    It is a sad day for us in the SBC, but I think it’s been coming for a while. One difference I make from Ed, we are ‘not’ a denomination – but a convention. It’s not a top-down scenario… and I think that is one of the reasons we’ve struggled. The conservative resurgence helped a ton theologically, but many of those guys strengthened their grip in hopes of controlling churches within the convention – instead of getting what we’re about and partnering together for missions and God’s glory.

    Thanks for sharing this Chris! Wish I was down there with you!


  2. Thanks for putting this up Chris. I’m not a Southern Baptist, but believe much of this applies to all of us who are trying to make a difference for Christ out here.

    Keep up the good work – all this conviction hurts but IT’S WHAT I NEED!!

    – Louie


  3. Patrick: It used to not be top down(well, I have questions on that), let’s say it shouldn’t be top down, but I believe it is top down and that we are indeed a denomination.

    I was watching Ed and thinking yes, yes, yes, and yes. I agreed with his observations on everything. Now will there be those who listen? We’ll see.


  4. I agree Debbie. We may be (or act in this case) like a denom… but it was definitely not the intention when they started. (there I go using my SEBTS Baptist History class!)
    Even if there’s not much power up top, there are those that definitely desire it. I heard someone say the other day that the autonomy of the local church was the best and worst part of the SBC. Why can’t we cooperate on some things and stay out of each others hair in others? 🙂


  5. Babylon's Dread says:

    As a former SBC member I can go on for days about this…

    I have not yet watched the videos but one factor in the decline is the fact that the denomination goes out of its way to demonize new groups annually.

    Smaller circles hold smaller numbers…


  6. Babylon's Dread says:

    Upon further review….

    He already know what I just said… but wow.. I could give your volumes.


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