Rick Warren

Scott and I just finished an AMAZING interview with Rick Warren…he made some pretty special arrangements to make the meeting happen. I was impressed by his deep desire to invest in young church leader’s lives…in fact I’ve been seeing him do it all week. I was at an “invitation only” function the other night…no one knew that Rick was going to be there…but he showed up with no fanfare…no entourage…just a seasoned pastor wanting to fellowship with newer pastors. I was shocked that he was not the keynote speaker…in fact…he wasn’t there to speak at all (and only led the closing prayer)…he was just there to hang out. He was just “one of the guys” talking about social justice, the future of church planting and things that affect pastors from all backgrounds. I gotta tell you…if you didn’t know who he was…you would have never known he was a best-selling author and megachurch pastor.

People make so many judgment calls from far off…make assumptions without never really being around the person. I’m not saying that I know Rick Warren…far from it (though I would like to)…but I was around him quite a bit over the last few days. Rick has a genuine love for God…love for the local church…love for people globally…and a desire to see people come to Christ. For a man that could easily rest on his laurels…he still has the fire in his belly for the Kingdom of Christ. I was blown away and moved by that!!!

Rick Warren

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  1. thanks for putting the interview live.
    also, on your site, when i went to go to your feed, your entire site, no matter what page im on, still says http://chriselrod.com

    instead of being a different url for each page.
    i had to do a get around to actually get your feed.

    hope this makes sense.


  2. These interviews are a great. Live stream has changed the way we can learn and be exposed to great minds (I’m talking about Warren….not your’re pre-show!! lol) Serious, thanks for doing these interviews and letting us all come in and be a part of things down in Florida. You and Scott and the other guys are making sitting in my office a lot more fun.



  3. Babylon's Dread says:

    Rick Warren …

    is one of the most genuine and amazing men of God of our time. I had the joy of being around him on a number of occasions… he was always just as you describe. He i completely unpretentious and has never bought into the nonsense about being a king.

    May his tribe increase.


  4. This just goes to show how judgemental we can be. Rick has got slammed many times. Like the rest of us he is not perfect, but I think we can all operate with a little more grace.

    You have to get to know someone to see what is in there heart.


  5. Judwe says:

    Is a servant greater than his master? What I mean by that is that the World toasts Rick Warren, it Crucified his master.


    What I see more and more in this generation is a desire for acceptance. Rick has it, others are groping in the darkness for it. To me it is a tell tell sign. The World need not be drawn to Christ because they like his disciples. The World needs to be drawn to Christ because of the CONVICTION of THE HOLY SPIRIT by the PREACHING OF CHRIST and CHRIST CRUCIFIED and the call for REPENTANCE.

    Not the call to find the SELFS PURPOSE.

    -Jud Epting


  6. Babylon's Dread says:

    Judwe … filled in what was missing

    The world crucified Jesus …

    It leaves the servants of Jesus in the hands of his ‘friends’

    Warren is on your team Judwe… you should leave the crucifixion to the world they will get around to it but for now you got it covered.



  7. Judwe says:

    Hey Chris ! What is up?


    Are you trying to say that I am crucifying Rick Warren? The life blood of a Saddleback or almost any other “Church growth” church is the mocking of traditional brothers and sisters to comfort the unease of the “seeker”. I know, I used to be a part of that.

    Re-read “The Purpose Driven Life” and tell me exactly where the subject of Repentance and Godly Sorrow are emphasized? That’s where I have a problem with MOST of todays Christian “Leaders”. It’s just like fast food restaurants that remove anything remotely healthy in order to satisfy the taste buds. The object of consumption is relegated to what satisfies the senses, actual nourishment is no where NEAR the object of feeding people. This is what the church has picked up on… the “Have it Your way!” brand of delivery. I know, I was a part of it for a long time… I watched it from the inside. Worship time wasn’t about worshiping a risen saviour… it was about manipulating peoples emotions. Much of todays lyrics are about I, Me and We… not He…. and it’s a Worship “experience” hmmm… His experience or mine?


  8. Babylon's Dread says:

    Methinks I sense another convert to Calvin.

    Look Judwe, I got no problem with your convictions… I just think you misfire when aiming at Warrne… PDL and PDC are not my cup of tea either. Seeker friendly is not my way… not at all… I am a Holy Spirit guy…. but Warren is no bogeyman.

    I am sure you are not either….


  9. judwe says:

    What’s your taste in Worship styles ? What is a worship “style”? HULA STYLE ??? You can get that here… http://www.saddleback.com/flash/venues.html

    Not to beat a dead horse but the “worship experience”is usually the lead off batter in church marketing. Might be the reason a huge percentage of churches actually pay musicians on a weekly basis.

    I like it when a church actually allows the Holy Spirit to “market” his church by preaching the Gospel unashamedly. Worked then, works now. EXPOSITORY PREACHING !!! Of course to the unregenerate that message might not be “relevant”.


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