Answers To Questions About Backstage @ Exponential

Over the last 24-hours I have received a lot of calls and emails all asking the same three questions concerning Exponential:

1. What happened to the Andy Stanley video?

2. Why didn’t we do an interview with Tim Keller?

3. Is it true that Rick Warren missed his plane to do an interview with Scott, Todd and I?

Here are the answers:

1. Yes, the Andy Stanley interview went out live via streaming video…was also recorded with better equipment…and I do have a copy of the raw footage.  For the truth (there’s some crap floating out already) behind the removing of the interview from the Internet…go over to Scott Hodge’s blog for the answer.  There is no spin…Scott’s explanation is dead on.  At some point in the near future (a couple of weeks at the longest) we’ll have the video up on our YouTube page.   Andy was incredible to work with…answered every question we asked…never dodged any hard questions…was very candid…and the video allows people to see another side of him.  I can;t wait for you guys to see it!!!

2. Dr. Tim Keller was very sick…yet still spoke at Exponential three times in a single day.  In between sessions he rested his voice…an interview with us might have prevented him from speaking at all of his scheduled times.  His schedule was pretty tight…he had to do a “quick out” after his main session in order to catch his flight. He was gracious enough to spend a few moments with us before he left…but it was obvious he used all of his voice to bring the Word of God to the conference at large.  In all honesty…Dr. Keller’s knowledge of the Bible and church leadership is so far above mine…I might not have understood anything he was saying had he been able to do an interview.  🙂

3. Rick technically didn’t miss his flight on accident…he chose to miss his flight in order to do the interview with us.  I’m not kidding.  He has such a heart for young pastors and church planters that he wanted to be able to speak to those that were not able to actually attend the conference.  We had a BUNCH of people watching the live feed…and Rick answers were rich with knowledge.  I was blown away by his accessibility and his desire to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached in every corner of the world.  To know that he could have been home a few hours earlier…and yet stayed to talk with those that didn’t make the conference…was inspiring!!!

So there are the answers.  If anyone tells you anything else…they are full of bull excretion…because only a handful were “in the know”!!!

Answers To Questions About Backstage @ Exponential

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  1. Thanks for all your posts from Exponential. I wasn’t able to make it down there for the conference, but I did catch the stream when it was on. Thanks for taking notes & sharing them with us.


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