Conversations And Realizations

Without getting too dramatic 2008 has turned into quite a defining year in my personal life and ministry.  Over the last few months God has given me the privilege of being around some of the greatest Christian leaders and voices of our time.  He has used these men to speak into my life…not always directly…but many times indirectly through their private, candid conversations concerning ministry, church leadership and legacy.

My grandmother used to say, “Any idiot can tear down a bridge…it’s takes a genius to build one”.  It’s a thought that ran through my mind all week at Exponential as I watched diverse church styles, structures, leaders and age groups.  I watched a young leader like Bobby Triplett exhibit the same passion for the Word of God as Tim Keller…a not-so-young leader…and both excited me…and gave me hope for the Church of tomorrow.

There is still a long road before us…before me…but I no longer feel satisfied to sit on the sidelines as some kind of travelogue commentator.  Life is short…at 42-years-old I”m in the locker room at half time…there is still more of the game to come…but things are half over…I better get busy.  I think I’ll spend the third and fourth quarters of my life figuring out how to help others make the journey.  I do not yet know what that looks like…or feels like…but I love being in the midst of change and risk!!!

On Monday I will begin several days of posting my thoughts about the people I met and conversations I had at Exponential.  After that…who knows…I’m feeling restless…boxed in…ready to run free…and speak.

Conversations And Realizations

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  1. Chris,

    I am with you on this one. I feel restless. I feel like a new adventure awaits. I will be praying that Jesus guides your steps…maybe into unkown places.


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