8 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby Thoughts

  1. Ted says:

    Comment shows you don’t know much about horses. And that you have an emotional connection with the horse over the human. Your comment is like saying a human athlete can’t play in a football came and tear up their knee without being hit or injured before. But I can show you instances where that has happened.


  2. The Jockey rode a horse that just made $400,000. Was is wortht the risk? How many athletes would risk further injury when playing in the Super Bowl, or the Finals? IMO, Most would.


  3. Ted – A human athlete has a choice…the horse didn’t…but the jockey did. By the way…I know quite a bit about horses…I helped pay a semester or two of college by working with a thoroughbred trainer. The argument that I put forth is one that many experts within the horse racing community are also putting forth. I am not an expert…but I’ve been around the block enough to know when a jockey, trainer and owner cared more about winning…than the life of the horse.

    Charles – Good point about the jockey and the money. I wonder if Eight Belles thought it was worth the $400,000? I also wonder if the $400,000 made a dent in the cost to raise, train and care for the horse over the years…not to mention what they financially could have made on her in retirement?


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