The “Revival” In Lakeland

For several days I have been wrestling with the idea of blogging my concerns in reference to the “revival” taking place in Lakeland.  I foolishly mentioned it a couple of days ago before I had completely thought things through.  I learned my lesson last year when I wrote this post…that some things are meant for the world to see…and some things are only meant for Compass Point to see.  Under normal circumstances I would never comment on what is going on at another church…much less providing commentary as to the validity of it.  However, the fact that these “healing” services are taking place in our own backyard…and that quite a few of our folks at Compass Point are being “pressured” by friends and family to attend…we (the Elders and I) feel a need to address this issue…with our people.  I have watched many hours of the “revival” online through the streaming webcast…and have now attended a service in person.  I finally feel that I’m in a place to Scripturally discern what is…and isn’t…real about what is taking place…and to share that with the flock I shepherd.

I would encourage those outside of Lakeland to watch what they see on the webcast…and then search the Bible for Scriptural backing for what is taking place.  I would also encourage you not to make the trip down here for “healing” before you’ve consulted your own pastor about it.  I am not your pastor…it is not my place to tell you what to believe…or attempt to shepherd you through a blog.

Sorry to those that were waiting for my report.  Please don’t email me privately…I won’t be answering.

The “Revival” In Lakeland

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  1. Jud says:

    Thank You Chris. You don’t have to go to FLORIDA for Jesus to heal you… but if you want to get stuck in traffic behind a blue hair it IS the place to be, The funny thing with Charismatics is that as much Glory is usually given to the gifted person, the geographical location and the person healed as is given to Jesus. Then I get skeptical.


  2. I’ve watched hours of video from this event and there is absolutely no proof that this is from the One True God. His teaching does not square with the scriptures and I have proof that his ‘prophecies’ and so-called ‘words of knowledge’ are not even close to the Biblical mandated accuracy rate of 100% (See Deut 18:20-22).

    This is a very dangerous, seductive and deceptive event that is occurring in Lakeland and I would feel guilty if I didn’t strongly warn people that this is not from God.


  3. Jud says:

    Yes, Ken, I do.

    I really do appreciate the zeal but as Rosebrough states above things have to line up with the Word. Not “almost” every time but indeed every time. I had a close friend call me several years ago BEGGING me to pull all of my investments for a certain day because a “reputable” prophet in his Church had a specific prophecy for that one day that “the voice of God would be heard throughout the land” and this was believed to be a doomsday type of event. I didn’t pull my investments and nothing happened.

    Did my friend call back with the news that this so called “prophet” had been removed from fellowship… or even stoned in the streets? Of course not.

    Of course any believer SHOULD know that they can hear God’s voice ANY TIME when they READ HIS WORD. Unfortunately that’s just not sensational enough for a widening number of professing believers.


  4. Ken says:

    Jud, you said, “Yes, Ken, I do .” Considering low estimates of 150 million charismatics worldwide, I doubt you know enough Charismatics/Pentecostals to make such a generalization. I fully agree that a prophet is either ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘on’ or ‘off.’ I am also concerned at the need for sensationalism in the Body of Christ. Let every spoken word be judged by scripture. I hope and pray that what happens in Lakeland will, in the end, bring glory to Christ.

    FYI – I’m so glad you didn’t listen to the yahoo who told you to ‘pull all of your investments.”


  5. Jud says:

    Ken, during college with a VERY charismatic room-mate (who is one of the coolest guys I’ve ever hung out with). My Mom is a recovering Charismatic. I’ve watched TBN. Maybe this doesn’t over qualify me to speak on “Charismania” but I do believe I can speak to it with at least some degree of knowledge and experience.

    Basically the Charismatics I’ve known aren’t the types to noodle their big toes in the water to check the temperature… they just jump right in. If it’s wet it’s water. Perhaps a better analogy is the old western movies where the cowboy crosses the desert, sees a pool of water and starts drinking with gulps never waiting to see if the water is safe to drink or not.

    The popular test today in any stripe of Christendom, not just charismatics, it the extremely naive idea of “If it’s Good, it’s God”. That is what false teachers/ prophets are feeding on. Bible teaching and knowledge is so scarce today that if we aren’t very diligent we are all “sheep waiting to be led to the slaughter”.


  6. Ken says:

    Jud, there’s no getting around some of the scary stuff we’ve all seen on TBN. Truthfully though, EVERY SECT OF CHRISTIANITY has certain propensities toward or better stated opportunities for error – some of this error might include legalism, traditionalism, hyper-excited scariness, fear-based teaching, etc. The list goes on. When I see what is happening in Lakeland, I don’t look at it with immediate skepticism. Rather, I’m hopeful that something happening there will benefit a hurting person, drawing them toward a relationship with the Lord. I appreciate Chris stating he’d experience the meetings for himself before commenting. I haven’t heard anything yet from the leadership of Southeastern University. I’m extremely curious as to whether or not they’ll even take a stance. I love your analogy regarding the old western movies. I’ll definitely be borrowing that:) I also agree that actual Bible teaching is scarce. People are hurting in so many ways. We certainly need God’s wisdom to deal with the issues we’re facing.


  7. Long time reader, 1st time commenter here. Anyway, I have been watching the “revival” for a few weeks online too and I really don’t know what to think. I was raised Pentecostal and believe in the power of God (because I have experienced it 1st hand), but I have become sickened by much of what passes for the Holy Spirit these days. I believe in the gifts of the Spirit and firmly believe that they are for today BUT ONLY as we are advancing the Kingdom and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe that signs and wonders will follow those who believe but unfortunately we have alot of believers chasing so called signs and wonders, and that’s not Biblical. If this ‘revival’ is not a God thing, I grieve for those young people who are getting sucked into a manipulative experience that will leave them scarred and empty.


  8. Cristina says:

    i love the revival!! it is the move of God! if you read the book of Acts- its in there! I went to Lakeland two times and I’m going to go as much as I can. It is truly from God. The Holy Spirit is real. Shake off that religoin and dip into the River.


  9. Christina,

    Thanks for your thoughts. Do we have to go to where revival is or should revival be where we are at? Signs and wonders follow believers but do believers follow signs and wonders.

    I’m sure a lot of good stuff is going on in Lakeland. But I will stay where I am at and look for a move of GOD here.


  10. Bill says:

    I have been to the Outpouring in Lakeland three times. The one thing that I have witnessed those times is that the “faith” level of those who attend is VERY high. They come expecting, and many receive. I know through the Word that we are all commissioned to “heal” the sick, and it does not have to occur in Lakeland FL. However it is undeniable what is taking place at the meetings, and it is in my opinion due to one thing, the “faith” of those that receive. I have experienced powerful Praise and Worship that is totally awesome and His Presence is Powerful no matter “where” you are. The atmoshpere in the meetings is electrifying and worshipping with thousands of believers is awesome. I can imagine what it will be like in Heaven someday. I am not “afraid” to attend such and event… if people are being set free, delivered, healed, loosed from bondages… I can’t see as this is from the enemy… I can’t see that we have the power to accomplish such feats without the Holy Spirit. Let’s not “mock” what God is doing!


  11. shayne says:

    I passed by there the other day. I saw a lot of disappointed people being wheeled out. I can’t think of a more depressing sight.


  12. Erin Wallin says:

    I am a former member of New Spring CC in Anderson, SC. (we moved to GA). But I have been to the Lakeland, fL revival and have listened to teachings by Todd Bentley for years before it. I know people who have been healed, and from my own personal experience I can tell you that I have NEVER been in a place where there were more people with that kind of HUNGER for the LORD. It’s real. I know that Todd Bentley isn’t your convential preacher…most of the time he’s drunk in the Spirit. But that does seem very much like the disciples in the book of Acts. They were accussed of being drunk too.

    My point is that Jesus didn’t come in an expected package. The “churchy” people of the day were offended and missed it. Just something to think about.


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