Random After Vacation Thoughts

  • It was great to be away for a few days. Denise and I really had a great time with my parents and her sister.
  • A bonus surprise was hooking up with LV Hanson and a bunch of the Catalyst folks who just happened to be in Nokomis for a friend’s birthday party. Took this picture for proof. 🙂
  • Apparently video went over well with Compass Point on Sunday. Of course it helps when it’s Perry Noble on the screen.
  • Preaching this coming Sunday in the parking lot of the YMCA. Bringing the message “Make Us Manly”…hey…it’s Father’s Day…what else would you expect?
  • Decided to skip the Southern Baptist Convention again this year…too much traveling back-to-back…need to stick around the house for a little while.  I’ll head out next year.
  • I’ve discovered that one Twitter post…can make 100 people think it’s about them. I’m going to have to be a little more guarded in the future.
  • I walked back into a firestorm…the “summer of change” continues.
  • Even pastors need to apologize to the sheep on occasion…especially when we say or write something stupid.
  • People say they love the rawness and sarcasm of my blog…but I’m not sure that it really is that good for the people of Compass Point that reads it. My responsibility to them far outweighs my responsibility to others that read this stuff. Not sure what that means for the future of ChrisElrod.com.
  • Accountability is a difficult thing to implement…it makes you go where you don’t really want to go…and take a difficult look in the mirror. However, it is of paramount importance in church leadership…is NEVER easy.
  • I’m beginning to fall in love with YouVersion…especially now that they have the ESV translation. Still in the learning curve…but it’s becoming very valuable for sermon prep.
  • How many times can a church say that Noble, Furtick and Lamb filled their pulpit in a single month?
  • The coolest thing about “One Prayer“…some of the messages will be used down the road…when I want to take a day off. So many great messages to choose from…
  • We finally made our church management software choice…and I’m PUMPED!!! We have tried them all…bought some of them outright…and thought the majority of the web based ones sucked. This is one is now web-based and the Rolls Royce of CMS. More on that in the next few days.
Random After Vacation Thoughts