We Need Fighter Pilot Names

I’ve always seen church planters as kind of the mavericks of pastoring…the fighter jockeys of the church leadership world. With that in mind I was reading a Twitter post by Travis Johnson and got to thinking…we all need fighter pilot call signs!!! I think I’d like mine to be “Destroyer“…named after one of the greatest albums of all time. I think Travis’ should be “Manbags”…which is pretty evident by what he is known for. I’d also like to propose the following names for consideration:

Gary Lamb would be “Bulldog” because…well…he’s has sin in his life.

Perry Noble could be “Fast Track” since he’s the only person I know that jogs at 3:00 a.m. before he catches a plane flight.

Pastor Steven Furtick would obviously be “Rockstar”.

I’m thinking “Meanstreak” for Shawn Lovejoy since he’s always talking about being mean about the vision

I’m sorry to say but Dave Anderson would be “Band Aid”.

I’d have to give “Axe Man” to Jay Hardwick since he killed me in Guitar Hero.

Vince Antonucci would be “Hammerhead” because of his famous “shark fishing” blog post.

There are still a bunch of church planters out there without fighter pilot names…if you guys can think of a few more…drop a comment.  I’m especially looking for a good name for Tadd Grandstaff.

We Need Fighter Pilot Names

11 thoughts on “We Need Fighter Pilot Names

  1. Hi Chris,
    I planted the hotdogchurch (www.hotdogchurch.com) in San Fran and they called me the hotdogpastor. Now that I’m in Charlotte doing it again I’m not sure what to call myself. Maybe Travis has a good one for me. He knows me well. I’ll leave it up to him unless you feel God speaking bro. LOL


  2. daryl says:

    I would give Tadd the name “STICKY” as he is stuck on his Tar Heels(as am I) and to the advancement of the vision of Pine Ridge Church.


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