Monday Morning Ramblings

  • Great day yesterday at Compass Point. The “One Prayer” messages are beginning to challenge some of our folks.  I can’t wait for next week!!!
  • The band sounded really good yesterday…really tight…Jon did an excellent job of leading.
  • Getting ready to launch another blog…more later this week about that.
  • Heard a podcast on Friday with Perry Noble and Tony Morgan. Perry was talking about the fact that you can either lead “doers” or “leaders”…they both have their pros and cons…but leaders can take you to the next level.
  • Compass Point has some amazing people that work hard…tremendous doers…but I’m praying for a few more folks that are willing to step up to the responsibilities and challenges of leadership.
  • I am both excited…and apprehensive about the Fall…God is stirring…and the winds of change are blowing…whatever is coming…is going to be HUGE!!
  • Gary Lamb’s meesage yesterday really struck a chord with a bunch of our folks…and offended some others. What he said…is where we’ve been…and where we’re going at Compass Point. Those offended…will probably get even more uncomfortable in the days to come.
  • Getting ready to bring a new series next month…”Walk This Way”. I’m going to be doing some serious Steven Tyler stuff with my microphone stand. 🙂
  • The implications of “One Prayer” and video have my head reeling. Pulpit supply when I’m gone may not be such a problem in the future. 🙂
  • Back to being bored with today’s Christian music. Does everyone on Christian have to sound like Avalon or Natalie Grant? Been getting back into the old stuff that initially fired me up…Resurrection Band, Steve Taylor, Leslie Phillips, Servant, Rick Cua…
  • Putting together some new forms to use on Sunday…should simplify some things and make for better organization.
Monday Morning Ramblings

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Ramblings

  1. Chris…man you are reaching way back for Rez Band, and Steve Taylor. ‘Meltdown’ was one freaky album…loved it.

    Remember Daniel Amos and his album Doppleganger?


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