Grasping The Big E

Evangelism…the very word seems to bring up healthy debate concerning what it is, what it looks like and how it’s done. Christian bookstores have shelf after shelf lined with resources about it, denominations spend millions each year trying to encourage it in their churches and pastors beg, borrow or steal to get their people to do it.

At Compass Point, our Journey Groups have taken on a new direction…a little more deep…a little more discipleship based. We’ve been going through a MacArthur study of the Book of Acts. As we’ve read and discussed the New Testament church I’ve been reminded of what evangelism looked like in their day. It wasn’t a program…an event…or a specific ministry team. We find their methods in Acts 2:42-47…hanging out with people, having meals with people, heading to church with people…basically engaging those around them with intentional interaction…and the goal of introducing them to Jesus. At the end of Acts 2:47 it says, “And the Lord added to their number day by day those that were saved.” That’s it…that’s evangelism…that is the blueprint for how to do it…the example for Compass Point.

People always ask me how is it that Compass Point reaches people far from God with the Gospel. It’s because we engage those people that no one else wants to. We don’t do it through programming, events or evangelism projects…we do it through intentional interaction and by going to places that no other church around here seems to want to go. In essence, quite a few of our folks are on a constant look-out for people they come in contact with on a daily basis…that do not know Christ. While we do conduct servant projects and outreach events…they are mainly to get us out of our comfort zone and to get Compass Point’s name out into the community. To my knowledge we have never seen one person come to Christ or start attending Compass Point because of them. That’s not to say we won’t keep doing them as they serve to help build better disciples and to teach us how to interact with folks far from God.

Every single person we have ever seen come to Christ or baptized at Compass Point…has been because of a relationship they have had with someone that already attends Compass Point. The greatest day in our history of a church…the day when the most disconnected people heard a clear presentation of the Gospel was this past Easter. We packed the place with people far from God. We didn’t do it with any mass marketing campaign, special event or creative sermon series…we just had out people invite folks that they knew had no church home or relationship with Christ. It’s amazing what authentic relationships combined with a personal invitation and a business card can do for the cause of Christ.

So what is the evangelism strategy for Compass Point? Quite simple WE are the evangelism strategy of Compass Point. In the days to come…our goal as a church will be to do a better job of living out Acts 2:42-47…eating, hanging out, engaging people far from God…telling them about Jesus…living like we have a personal relationship with Christ…bringing them to Sunday services or Journey Groups…and inviting them to meet Jesus.

Grasping The Big E

3 thoughts on “Grasping The Big E

  1. Chris,

    Great post man!

    It has bugged me that we’ve thought that we need to have a program/ministry team/strategy when we are the strategy. We don’t need four spiritual laws or Romans Road or Easter Eggstravaganza to help us out.

    Looking forward to seeing how God uses the changes at Compass Point.


  2. Good words. The big E is not hard but simple. Love people, talk to them, care for them. No-one wants a tract jammed up your nose. Just talk to people.


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