Guys That Are Stretching Me

The last few weeks have been a pretty difficult time in my life and leadership. Not that I would trade them for all of the money in the world as God has been using it to stretch me. Actually he has been using a combination of people, blogs, music and books…along with my daily time of Bible study and prayer to move my mind…and heart…in new directions. Maybe that is why I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in almost two weeks…and the reason I’m up at 3:45 a.m. typing this. Anyway…here’s the quick list of the people that God is using to stretch me

Perry Noble – There is no one else on this planet that can stretch me like Perry. From his blog to his emails…everything he is saying now is resonating with me.

Pastor Steven Furtick – His blog postings have been short lately…but definitely hint at being restless…ready to move forward…not content with where he…and Elevation Church is. I feel the same kind of restlessness.

Kyle Bridges – Our Executive Pastor at Compass Point is constantly being used by God to stretch me…especially when it comes to flaws in my leadership style. Kyle doesn’t blog….yet!!!

Tony Wheeler – Tony moved to the area a few months ago to start something for the Kingdom in the outer-reaches of Orlando. He’s been coming off and on to Compass Point with his family when time allows…even though it’s almost an hour’s drive. God has been using our emails and talks to really stretch me in the area of discipleship…and the possibility that small things tend to reproduce.

Hal Mayer – Had one lunch with this guy and my head has been spinning ever since. When he said he doesn’t let anyone into his inner-circle that “doesn’t bring energy to the vision”…it was like a lightning bolt struck. That one phrase has redefined who I look for in leadership…and who I’ve removed from leadership in recent days.

Vince Antonucci – His presentation at Whiteboard left me disturbed. I’d read the whole “shark fishing” blog post…but to hear him talk about in person really brought it home to me. I came back even more determined not be a “grouper” church…that catching sharks determined everything we do at Compass Point.

Chunks Corbett – Pastor Furtick’s right-hand man…he was kind enough to take a phone call from me. He asked more questions than I did…but then he offered some amazing suggestions that we are implementing daily around here. His insight into staff structure and organizational development really helped to take us to a whole new level…even if it’s a little painful getting there.

Dr. Ed Stetzer – Back in April and May I got to be around Dr. Stetzer more than normal. I can’t really put my finger on it…but there is just something about him that really inspires me to pour into God’s Word. I love to listen to him talk in a private setting…more candor…less guarded…but always trying to find ways to advance the Gospel.

Tony Morgan – A couple of years ago I took a pretty hateful shot at him on my blog…and then he goes and invites me into his home. Talk about a display of grace. I am learning so much about Christian maturity from being around him…and reading what he writes on his blog.

Troy Gramling – I’ve only met the guy one time…years ago. He pastor’s a LARGE video venue church in South Florida and Peru…yet still takes the time to encourage me. I am learning from that a simple email or hand-written note can do more for leadership develop than all the meetings or training in the world.

Gary Lamb – I can’t forget my old friend. There is no other guy I love to talk classic rock with…or cry on his shoulder when I’m getting shot at. His ability to face adversity…and criticism…and let neither sway him from what God has called him to do…just drives me every time.

Guys That Are Stretching Me