2 thoughts on “This Messed Me Up!!!

  1. no name says:

    last week I was running an errand and drove past the cemetery a couple blocks from my house. An elderly man was sitting under a small tree next to a new grave, marked with flowers. It was nearly 100 degrees in the afternoon heat. He was reading a book. I was touched by this scene, it was a testimony of love for who I assumed was a departed spouse. When I reached my destination, I picked up a cold bottled water. It only took a second to stop at the graveside, walk over, and offer it to him. He was surprised, and initially said he was fine, but quickly reconsidered and took the water with genuine gratitude. I didn’t ask his name, or inquire anything about his “story.” He only needed a drink. Sharing Jesus’ love without making a big deal about it is what we need to do a lot more of.


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