Monday Morning Ramblings

  1. Yesterday’s service went good…but attendance was low. I go into more detail here, plus provide a PDF sample of our regular worship set list available for download. Also detailed our normal Sunday morning schedule for the summer here.
  2. Spent most of the weekend praying for NewSpring…and was totally pumped up to read this and this!!!
  3. BIG meeting today about our next steps at Compass Point. We’re about to take a HUGE financial risk…but know that God is leading us that way.
  4. I’ve really begun to see the value and need for the accountability and covering that I have from our Elders. Each Sunday they pray over the band, the tech team and me before we go out…it has made a world of difference!!!
  5. Still struggling with what it means to make disciples in the 21st Century. Praying through it…studying up on it…talking with other pastors about it…but it is starting to look a little more organic small-group for us. We’ve already begun the experiment…and it seems to be working.
  6. In the spirit of one-up-manship…Gary Lamb has been spouting off about how Pastor Furtick sent him a copy of Elevation’s new worship CD “We Are Alive” last week by mail. Mine was flown down to Florida and hand delivered by a member of Elevations’ Senior Management Team almost a month ago. 🙂
  7. Spent most of last night and this morning praying for some soon-to-be church planters. I am finding that spending time praying for other churches helps me to better love God, His kingdom…and my own flock.
  8. Speaking of Elevation’s worship CD…go buy it!!! It will melt your face off…and comes with an official Elrod “Pantyless Praise Guarantee”. Especially check out “All Things New”, “Sun Stand Still”, “There Is A Place” and “We Have Overcome”. You can hear samples and purchase it online here.
  9. Getting pretty pumped about heading to Poland in October with the International Mission Board. Details are still being worked out…but it shaping up for an amazing opportunity to see what God is doing overseas.
  10. All of Compass Point’s missionaries left this week. Kyle and Lynea are on their way to India for two years…and Kaleb our summer teen missionary has made it to Wales. He’ll head over to Iceland in a few weeks.
Monday Morning Ramblings

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  1. Hey Chris! I’d appreciate it if you added us to the list of soon-to-be church planters you are praying for. My wife and I are on the road to relocate to Towson, MD in January. Any free prayers we can get are greatly appreciated! Thanks – Andrew


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