To Answer Some Questions – Part 1

Each week I get a bunch of emails from church planters and pastors asking all kinds of things.  I thought I’d address a few of the more common ones on my blog so I don’t have to keep emailing the same responses over and over agan. 🙂

What translation of the Bible do you preach from on Sunday? The leadership of Compass Point decided early on that we wanted to use a word-by-word translation instead of a thought-by-thought translation of the Bible.  With that in mind, we mainly use the English Standard Version or New American Standard Version translations to preach from.  For me it’s not “hill to die on”…the Word of God is the Word of God…unless it’s a gender neutral version.  Because of that I will also read verses from the New Living Translation, New International Version or The Message on occasion to simplify and parallel what I just read from the ESV or NASB.

What is the discipleship process at Compass Point? It has changed immensely in the past three months.  This was one of the experiments we went into the summer wanting to conduct…and it is really coming off well.  There is too much for me to address with this post…but will address it in a series of posts next week.

Who are the guys that God uses to speak to you? God uses four guys on a consistent basis to speak into my life: Kyle Bridges (our Executive Pastor), Perry Noble, Gary Lamb and Bobby Triplett.  I talk or meet with these guys on a regular basis…and God always uses them to pound Truth into my hard-headed brain.

How do you get spiritually fed? Good question that I get a lot.  First of all I have a daily quiet time…usually in the morning after I get to the office.  I mainly read from “Morning And Evening” by Spurgeon…then pray from a prayer journal I’m constantly updating.  My wife and I also pray together on the way to work.  I set aside several hours a week for personal Bible study…this is over-and-above the hours I pour into my weekly sermon prep.  Right now I’m studying through Acts because our Journey Groups are going through it.  Each week I also listen to three to five sermons via podcasts.  While I listen to a wide variety of preaching depending on what God is speaking to me about at the time…there are three guys I listen to each week without fail…Pastor Perry Noble, Pastor Steven Furtick and Pastor John Piper.  After all of this I take two separate weekends off…one in the Fall and one in the Spring…to go to a place with no phones, radio, television, newspaper or internet access so I can pray, fast and read God’s Word…no agenda…just let the Holy Spirit take me.

More questions and answers coming tomorrow…

To Answer Some Questions – Part 1

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  1. Chris – I love these thoughts, I enjoyed the idea of word by word rather than thought by thought in point 1 – I have never looked at in that way.


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