Pick Up The Pace

It finally happened. I’ve been threatening to do it for quite some time, but yesterday I finally mustered up enough backbone to do it. I started walking several miles each morning.

It was still dark when the alarm went off and the early morning twilight was just beginning to appear when I started my journey. I first went down the street next to my apartment and then up the hill past the clubhouse. I must admit I was getting a little winded, but kept going knowing this was the only way I going to get into shape. Next came the part I most anticipated…the trail next to lake. I was getting pretty tired…my chest hurting…but I was enjoying the view of the sun coming up over the lake. My legs were beginning to cramp…may pace was slowing down considerably…I was hurting and considering quitting…then it happened. A HUGE water moccasin appeared on the ground next to me. As he raised head to striking position and showed me his open mouth…I sensed the immediate danger…heeded the warning…and seriously picked up the pace. When a large poisonous snake appears…fat folks can haul some serious butt!!!

There are times where my walk with Christ feels like that. I’m tired…hurt…exhausted…and feeling like throwing in the towel. When I get to feeling that I way I just take a hard look at the people I come in contact with every day. Some of them are intentional relationships…others are accidental. Yet when I take a closer look I see immediate danger…warning signs…the vision of people destined for Hell because no one has told them about the saving power of Jesus Christ. It is in those moments that I find the burst of energy to carry on…to get going…to move forward…to pick up the pace.

Are you tired…weary…worn out? Look around…who are the warning signs in your life…where do you need to pick up the pace?

Pick Up The Pace

3 thoughts on “Pick Up The Pace

  1. God finds amusing ways to use snakes. In 9th grade, a church-raised guy, I rode my Honda 100 into the desert with a pack of Marlboros, wanting to experiment with the smoking thing. I went through several cigarettes until I felt proficient enough to at least not choke to death in front of my peers. As I walked back to my motorcycle, my foot hovered in the air right above a sidewinder rattlesnake, all curled up on the other side of the rock, its head resting right beside the rattle. I immediately flung the cigarette pack as far as I could, made a big circle around the snake…and have never again been interested in cigarettes. A quick cure.


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