Monday Morning Ramblings

  • Made changes to the look and design of…more sleek and simple.
  • Had an amazing day at Compass Point yesterday morning. Go here to read my thoughts about the service, as well as today’s set list.
  • Twittered about my disappointment with Obama not visiting the wounded troops in Germany and got a BUNCH of flack for it.
  • Twittered that I wasn’t all that crazy about the new Batman movie…and got WAY MORE flack that even my Obama post. 🙂
  • If Christians would get half as engaged sharing Christ with people far from God…as they do with politics…maybe the world would be a different place
  • Told the church yesterday that we are not Budweiser kind of people…we’re Guinness people. 🙂
  • Made the decision today not to attend any conferences except Unleash in the fall and spring…sorry Catalyst friends. Conferences are cool for networking…but provide very little in the way of actual “take-home” knowledge for us these days.
  • Really zeroing in on discipleship with the new direction of our Journey Groups. Have a little more tweaking…and a few more parameters to put on them…but they are seriously getting the job done in a BIG WAY.
  • Showed this video announcement yesterday. Though it’s pretty cheesy editing…a bunch of our folks got pumped up about us using Van Halen for the next sermon series.
  • Got to wait another week to put the creative team commercials up on YouTube…but they are freakin’ hilarious!!!
  • Some pretty big meetings this week…mainly about the financial picture of Compass Point.
  • If everything comes together that we are planning…a bunch of people far from God will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ this Fall…and some local churches could get pretty ticked off. Such is the realities of being loud, rude and obnoxious.
  • The “Big Mo” is beginning to build around our folks…I’m getting seriously jacked up about what God is going to do at Compass Point…and through the people of Compass Point…in September and October.
Monday Morning Ramblings

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  1. I really like the new blog look. And I had to put on some VH while reading your post. I do think that it bugs some of the people floating around the church though…We sometimes use some of their songs in our video intros, and most people have no idea.


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