Praywiser Audio Clips

Years ago when Compass Point Church first launched we did a sermon series about prayer called “Praywiser” where we ripped off the logo and graphics of Budweiser Beer. In order to have a little fun we created some audio commercials spoofing the “Real Men Of Genius” radio ads that Budweiser was using at the time. They have almost become legendary at Compass Point because they got Budweiser’s attention in a BIG WAY. Seems that our creative team got the music and feel of the ads so close to the originals that Budweiser’s legal department contacted us to see if we had actually used a copy of their recordings. After we assured them that we hadn’t the legal guy for Bud went on to tell us that he thought the ads we did were hilarious. Apparently they had made the rounds up there at corporate headquarters and Budweiser’s people thought it was cool that a church would use something associated their beer to promote a sermon series. Later we got a letter from one of the higher-ups in the company offering to let us be the “official church for Budweiser Beer”. 🙂

Over the years we lost track of the audio clips for our “Real Prayers Of Genius” ads and thought they had been forever lost. Recently while going through the files of an old computer we found them…posted them online…and thought it might be fun to share them with Compass Point again. Below is links to all four of them…however it was the “Long Winded Prayer” clip that got Budweiser’s attention.


Long Winded Prayer

Vending Machine Prayer

Toilet Bowl Hugging Prayer

Super Religious Prayer

Praywiser Audio Clips

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  1. Paul Walton says:

    The funny thing is my brother-in-law is the long-winded prayer. I think we are all thinking, is he ever going to land this plane so we can eat.


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