Monday Morning Ramblings

  • Another great day at Compass Point yesterday.  Made $10 getting my “T.D. Jakes” on while reading the Scripture.
  • Thank goodness the NFL off-season is over…even though it was the “Hall Of fame” game last night…I teared up when I heard John Madden’s voice on the television.
  • Really digging walking in the morning.  Something about the twilight of dawn that really gets my mind clear…and then racing with ideas.  My pace is also picking up and I’ve added another mile.
  • We seriously need a good tropical storm or Level 1 hurricane here to cool things down…but they all keep going the other way.
  • Heard from Dr. Stetzer today and the Poland trip is definitely on with the Intenational Mission Board…even though I’m “barely Southern Baptist” according to Ed.  🙂
  • Thanks to Wes we’ve been having some other African Americans coming to Compass Point…so we don’t sweat stuff like this.  We had two people of color (technically white is a color…so we had a bunch) in the service yesterday…which makes us one of the largest multi-racial churches in Lakeland.  🙂
  • Getting pretty stoked about starting the coaching network with Perry next week.
  • Seriously hate digital sound equipment.  Give me old school analog any day of the week.  I’m convinced the Devil lives in our rack unit!!!
  • Was kind of hoping to see Brett Favre in a Bucs uniform this year.
  • Our ACS software gets here this week…and the staff is all pretty excited.  After four years…we might finally get semi-organized.
  • Trying out Google Apps…and starting to love it.  Found some software that links my iCal with Google Calendar…so that has made life MUCH easier.
  • I haven’t forgotten about the Discipleship series on the blog…been pretty busy…but will post Part 2 this week.
Monday Morning Ramblings

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  1. Good luck with the ACS. It can do many, many things; however, it may be the least user friendly software I have ever used. Thankfully, they have outstanding support. Keep that number handy.


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