Monday Morning Ramblings

  • Heading up to Statesboro, GA later this week to visit Denise’s family. I’m pumped because I get to have a “retreat” day here to pray and listen to God.
  • Yesterday was a pretty good day at Compass Point. Attendance is still a little off…but that will change iafter Labor always does. I preached a little long…but was trying to finish up our “Unchained” sermon series
  • We are having some new people step up at Compass Point and I’m jacked up about what God is going to do through them!!!
  • I can’t wait to see the wickedly creative videos that comes from the warped sense of humor of Ernst Peters and Jonathan Williams. The stuff so far has been genius!
  • While I’m bothered by the lie behind the lyrics…”Healer” is bringing me to tears almost every time I listen to it.
  • I’m a pretty loud guy on Sundays…but I’m beginning to value the aspects of silence during the week. I always want to hear where God wants me to lead Compass Point…and not end up as some kind cautionary tale
  • I’m not so into getting up before dawn to walk for health reasons…but for watching the sun come up and getting mentally lost in God’s voice. It’s the one part of each day that is solely ours.
  • We’re getting ready to unleash some serious…and unchained…guerrilla marketing on Lakleand. All I can say right now is that it involves 1,000 blow pops and a fairly rude slogan. It’s definitely not going to be for the church crowd. 🙂
  • Still digesting a BUNCH of stuff said at the coaching network…most of it about leadership choices.
  • I LOVE our volunteers at Compass Point. I still get to the YMCA at 6:00am to watch the set up and preparation process…and it really gets me JAZZED to preach. I know I won’t always be able to do that…but I enjoy it while I still can.
  • I do not love administration or organization…but I love having guys on our team that do.
  • Changed my cell phone again…only Senior Management Team, immediate family and close friends have the number…all others have to call the church line. I thought I’d miss the constant ringing and activity…boy was I wrong!!!
  • I should drop below the 290lb mark this week. Haven’t been there in almost a decade.
  • Going to be a quiet week…mainly working with new software from ACS.
  • Next Sunday is a “clear the baffles” sermon. I call it that because we are in-between sermon series and I get to preach a stand-alone sermon that God has been laying on my heart for some time. Usually I’m a little more animated and loud on those Sundays…if you can believe that. 🙂
Monday Morning Ramblings