Tuesday Morning Ramblings

  • Sunday’s attendance wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be because of the holiday weekend.  On another note…offering was just plain ugly.  🙂
  • Those at Compass Point Sunday now know what this is all about…the rest of the world will have to wait a little longer. There’s some lawyers meeting today that may change the outcome of it all.
  • Extremely proud…and blown away…by our volunteers on Sunday.  Even with so many holes to fill because of people out for the Labor Day weekend…our volunteers still got the job done in a BIG way!!!
  • Don’t try to download Sunday’s podcast to get the jump on the blog post.  We’re also holding the podcast until the lawyers are done.
  • Voice over pioneer Don LaFontaine passed awyay yesterday.  Movie trailers will now suck on a regular basis.
  • Got a call this morning from a “representative” asking me to take this blog post down for the “good of the Kingdom”…or they might be “forced” to take legal action.  I told him to stick it…or I’d blog everything I know…and neither one of us wants that!!!
  • Had another person tell me yesterday that “church sucks”.  Just reinforces where we are going in two weeks at Compass Point.
  • Alas…the “snowbirds” will be back to Florida soon.  There goes good tee times and short wait times at the doctor’s offices.
  • I kept the “crap count” down in the sermon yesterday on purpose.
  • Got to hang out in person and online with Adam Mayfield quite a bit this week.  I didn’t realize how much I missed his friendship.
  • My first fantasy football draft went well Sunday night.  My second one is tonight.  One of these days I want to form a keeper league…but right now I’m just happy to be a part of someone else’s regular league.
  • Seriously digging the changes that ACS has made to their software.  Literally it is the best church management software we’ve every used…and it’s accessible online!!!  They have certainly closed the gaps we discovered with these guys and these guys.
  • Looks like I’m about to have another tooth extracted.  It’s killing me…and keeping me from sleeping.  Looking forward to next summer when I get a whole set of implants put in.
  • If everything comes together…next Sunday is going to seriously “unchained” at Compass Point.  Can’t divulge anything right now…but am working on something “outside the box” for us.  Guess folks will just have to show up and see if we pulled it off.
Tuesday Morning Ramblings