Monday Evening Ramblings

Totally wiped out from yesterday, just finished a Compass Point Senior Managament Team (SMT) meeting and finally found the energy to blog.

Freaked Twitter friends out yesterday with the picture of my wireless mic transmitter wrapped in a condom.  We were having problems with moisture (me sweating while preaching) getting in the connectors causing drop outs and pops.  One of our guys works with audio/visual/pyrotechnics at Disney…they had the same problems..discovered the condom trick.  Guess what…it works like a charm…but it has to be non-lubricated!!! 🙂

One amazing day at Compass Point yesterday.  Brandt Russo showed up with a bus full of homeless folks.  Pretty interesting to see a Communication Card with the word “homeless” listed next to the space for address.

I tortured the set up team yesterday with 70’s music.  Not Boston, KISS or Led Zeppelin…but The Bee Gees, KC & The Sunshine Band and Captain & Tennille.  I bet they won’t complain about 80’s hair metal again!  🙂

Our people freakin’ stepped up BIG TIME in helping out one of the homeless families trying to get to Jacksonville. Not to mention the fact that we were able to provide showers for those that needed them.

Next week we start the “That Sucks” series…I’m pretty jacked up about that!!!

The Buccaneers looked like crap yesterday…but a day full of NFL games was long overdue.

The world is about to see what kind of depth the Patriots have.  My guess…not much.

Word has it that there may be a YouTube video soon of my dance routine for “Boogie Shoes”.  I always wanted to be a “Solid Gold” dancer.  🙂

Sounds like Gary and the Revolution crew had a great day after all the work they put into Holly Springs.

Next week I head back to Anderson for the coaching network.  I wish it was every two weeks instead of once a month.  God has really been beating me over the head with some of the stuff I heard the last time.

I’d be willing to pay for Pandora.  I mean…I’m listening right now…and it’s been Guns N’ Roses, followed by KISS…followed by Aldo Nova and then Cinderella.  Who could ask for more?

It’s “take out Chinese” night at the Elrod house…and then off to the bar for Bible study.  Probably a late night because we all head to bar #2 for Monday Night Football and wings.

That’s it…I’m spent…blog post over.  🙂

Monday Evening Ramblings