Monday Morning Ramblings

  • One of the best days ever at Compass Point yesterday.  The Holy Spirit moved, things began to click…and lives were changed.  Words cannot begin to convey how jacked up I am right now!!!
  • We put out EVERY chair we had yesterday…and it looks like we will have to buy some more soon.  I love it!!!
  • My wife is now Twittering…my goose is cooked!!!  🙂
  • About to make the switch over to a true Senior Management Team leadership style at Compass Point.  We can’t take the next steps without it.
  • This guy and this guy were fasting last week at the Coaching Network…which really sucks the life out of the “going to dinner experience”…but is really fun when Perry’s team serves Oreo cake!!!  🙂
  • I got an email from a “discerning Christian” last week telling me…as a pastor…my Twitters were immature.  I think my reply was…”I know you are, but what am I?”  🙂
  • Everywhere I go in Lakeland I meet people that have seen the “” invite cards.  Our folks are knocking it out of the park with this deal.
  • Got to hang out with church planter Austin Porter while I was up in South Carolina.  He and his church are going to light it up for Christ in Shelby!!!
  • Much mental processing from things said…and learned…at the Coaching Network.  God is seriouslyy kicking my butt with it…and yet also really inspiring me.
  • Got a call from a state denominational leader reminding me that Southern Baptists don’t dance.  I explained I was a Calvinists…and therefore predestined to dance….before I was ever a Southern Baptist.  🙂
  • I know what the next four months of sermons are at Compass Point…and it is going to blow people’s faces off…I GUARANTEE!!!
  • I discovered a sure fire way to take your prayer life to a “whole nuther level” last week…ride with J.R. Lee.  🙂
  • I know I sound like a broken record…but the “Big Mo” is happening at Compass Point right now.  To paraphrase Pastor Furtick…God has created a wave and we’re doing everything we can to ride it.
  • I have probably spent more time in prayer in the last six weeks than ever before…part out of gratitude…part out of fear…part out of communication needs…but the majority is to seek where tomorrow will take Compass Point.  From what I’m hearing…hang on…the ride is about to get even more crazy!!!
Monday Morning Ramblings