Monday Morning Ramblings

Didn’t get to be arond Compass Point during setup because Denise was sick.  Flet a little unprepared because of it.

Apparently I hit a nerve with men during the sermon when I told them that if they weren’t helping with the discipline of the kids at home…they sucked as fathers.

The Gators dropped to #12 on the AP poll (which we deserved), but the sissy boys from USC stayed in the Top 10.  Sportswriters are freakin’ idiots!!!

It’s Fall here in Lakeland…which means the temperature is down to the upper 80’s.  🙂

Thank God Florida doesn’t give a rip about polluting our air or we’d be in the same shape as Atlanta.

Not going to be able to make it to Catalyst or a mission trip to Poland this year because of a family issue.  I’m kind of bummed about it.

I just keep reading the book of Joshua over and over again.  Part of it is the way I study the Bible…the other part is what God is revealing to me through it.

The “” cards are all over Lakeland.  It’s beginning to get somewhat of a bzz locally.  I turned down two press interviews about it last week.

Rough weekend…when God moves…so does the forces of Satan.  The attacks are coming pretty steady right now.

It never ceases to amaze me how amazing the Compass Point band is.

I turned down two religion reporters last week that wanted to do feature articles on us.  That would have been the “kiss of death” for Compass Point.

Kind of a laid back week around here.  It’s business-as-usual…several meetings, sermon prep, leadership stuff…but nothing really out of the ordinary.

Monday Morning Ramblings