The Blogs I Don’t Read

This past Sunday I was talking with one of our up-and-coming leaders at Compass Point that has discovered the wonderful insights, inspiration and information that can come from reading blogs.  However, like most people they have discovered that there are WAY more blogs about church leadership out there than is humanly possible to read.  Usually I get the “So, what are your favorite blogs to read?” question…but this conversation was different.  The person asked me to list the things that make me not subscribe to a blog.  I thought is was an unusual…and good question…so here goes the answer:

  1. I don’t read blogs that try to sell me their resources, conference or books.  I just don’t have the time to suffer through four posts about how to bulk order your steak knives for church leaders in order to get to that one good post about actual leadership.
  2. I don’t read blogs of people I don’t know.  I’m living proof that anyone with computer, wi-fi and half a brain can start a blog that people will read.  That doesn’t mean you are actually relevant or successful.  I rarely subscribe to a blog by people I don’t know…or don’t know from what situation they write.
  3. I don’t read blogs by guys that haven’t actually planted a church before…unless we are helping that church plant out.  Until you’ve actually stepped onto the field…you don’t have a clue about the game.  There are too many “arm-chair quarterbacks” out there.
  4. I almost never read blogs by guys that host conferences…and are not actually leading a church.  Conferences are usually led by people that are really good at leading conferences…or really bad at leading churches.  Either way…they rarely understand what pastors and church leaders really go through on a day-by-day basis.
  5. I don’t read blogs by pseudo-theologians or discernment “ministries”.  Bible college students living in their mother’s basement, lay people that made it through the 13-week “MasterLife” class and radio talk-show hosts have never been anything but “arm chair quarterbacks” when it comes to reaching people for Christ…and church leadership.
  6. I don’t read blogs by guys trying to make a name for a movement, a cause or an organization.  Too many folks use the name of Christ to push for a cause or a movement…I’m only interested in those that push for reaching people far from God with the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  7. I don’t read blogs that God doesn’t speak to me through.  In all honesty…this is the main test.  I never subscribe to more that 30 blogs at one time (right now it’s down to around 15).  I have a Google Reader account that I check out everyday (because I can easily access it from my Blackberry)…it contains 5 blogs of folks that rock my world on a consitient basis.  I also have a Bloglines account that contains around 15-25 that I read once a week.  All of them are people I know…know their situation…and am inspired by what they write.
The Blogs I Don’t Read