Monday Morning Ramblings

  • Good day at Compass Point yesterday.  God never ceases to amaze me with the people far from Him that He brings our way each week.
  • Getting ready to head South Carolina this week for the coaching network.  Taking Kyle with me…looking forward to the ten hour drive up and the ten hour drive back.. Much dreaming and planning will take place during those drives!!!
  • Have really been processing the things Perry Noble has said over the last couple of coaching sessions…but two phrases have really been rocking my world.  I will write about them on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Got a BUNCH of cool cards for pastor appreciation…I get the honor and privilege of pastoring the greatest church in the world… filled with the greatest people in the world.
  • I sad the word “ass” twice during the sermon yesterday…and no one flinched.  I don’t know if that is good or bad.  🙂
  • My beloved Gators looked AMAZING against LSU…and made it back in the Top 5.  Also the Bucs looked great and the Rays won.
  • Denise has the day off today so we are probably heading over to SeaWorld for a few hours.  It’s great having season passes…a wonderful gift that has been a great source of relaxation.
  • Have an important financial meeting this afternoon.  It’s not something I normally go to…but we want to stay on top of this downturn in the economy…and do our best to be good stewards of God’s blessings.
  • The book “Ax*i*om” by Bill Hybels is kicking my butt BIG TIME…and it’s an easy read.
  • I got a personal invite to a meeting here in Lakeland of church pastors and Al Sharpton.  It’s the day before the election…and is being done with a major aganda.  I turned it down…nothing against the local pastors…but don’t want to be a pawn in Sharpton’s political circus…and media event.  I do my best to stay neutral in political situations…my attendance at such an event would send too many mixed signals to the people of Compass Point.  Clarity is always more important that diversity!!!
  • Got a call from a local paper wanting to know more about the “” cards “all over Lakeland”.  🙂
  • I am more stoked about the next sermon series at Compass Point than any we’ve ever done before.  I believe that God is going to move in a MAJOR WAY…like nothing we’ve ever seen before.
Monday Morning Ramblings