I’m In Love With ACS

Since Compass Point began we’ve been on the eternal search for church management software that actually helps to support ministry…instead of causing us to go into long, cuss-word filled tirades.  In that time period we came to despise two sets of people in this world…the Al-Qaeda and church management software developers.  They both seem to have the same goal of destroying America.  We also came to realize that…unless you were Gargantuan Community Church…you could expect three things when dealing with church management software companies:

  1. Sales reps were not available by phone…ever.  Any and all questions concerning the program would only be answered in a chat room at the best time for the intern to the assistant of their personal secretary to meet with you.  Never mind that the software costs the same amount as the gross national product of France.
  2. Tech support was much like service at Baskin-Robins.  Leave a voice mail message, follow up with 16 unanswered emails, take a number and wait in line…they’ll call you when they’ve got the time.  Which may be this year…or next.
  3. The modules, programs, features, manuals, technical specs and online training were all designed for 50,000+ member churches that had their own IT department and were in process of hiring Terry Storch away from LifeChurch.

In the past four years we’ve been through every web-accessible church management software out there…and was about ready to give up.  Then we met ACS..Automated Church Systems.  The sun came back out, unicorns began dancing through the office, the sound of singing angels was heard throughout the neighborhood…and we discovered a company that would work with us.  Hope returned…and we were able to stop giving out therapy session gift certificates to our staff.

In ACS we found a church management software company that had a great affordable product, immediate tech support, dependable sales reps and several church planters on the development team.  In essence they understand what it takes to support the ministry and vision of a growing church…no matter what the size.  They have taken our advice, made some changes to better accommodate ministry and have held our hand through every step of the process.  This isn’t some kickback sales deal for me…there’s no ACS widget on the side of my blog…I’m smoking what I’m selling.

At Compass Point we currently use the ACS products People, Attendance, Contributions, Checkpoint, LiveStor, the entire Financial Suite and AccessACS.  We’re also looking into switching everything but the Financial Suite over to ACS OnDemand.  Feel free to email me if you have questions about how we’re using all of the software.  If you’re looking for a church management program…or are just fed up with the one you’re currently using…contact ACS.

I’m In Love With ACS