The Fallacy Of Flakes

fal·la·cy : (fa-lə-sē) noun – obsolete, deceptive appearance, a false or mistaken idea, erroneous character

As a pastor I occasionally come in contact with difficult people.  Most of them don’t bother me…and I can occasionally feel some compassion for their issues. However, there is one group of difficult people that drive me crazy…makes me want to slam my head against a hard floor!  Flakes…I can’t stand being around flakes!!!

A flake is someone that…

  • never has the time to help the church carry out it’s vision…but expects the pastor to have unlimited time to hear every personal prayer request known to man.
  • never lifts a finger to help out anywhere in the church because they are too concerned with being spiritually fed…or getting over the pain caused by a past church.
  • never helps to reach others for Christ because they are too busy promoting their identity as a depressed person, victimized person, stressed person, inferior person, etc.
  • never can be counted on to do the job they volunteered for because they are too busy sleeping in, partying with friends all night, complaining about being burned out, taking another Sunday off to go to (insert recreational activity or there park name here), etc.
  • never gets anything done for the Kingdom of God because they are too busy talking about what they are going to do for the Kingdom of God.
  • never puts a dime in the offering plate but always has a suggestion on how to make the church more…like they want it.
  • never makes an impact for the Kingdom of God because they are only interested in the Kingdom of God making an impact on them.

Does this sound harsh?  It may…but it’s not as harsh as the fact that people are dying and going to Hell.  As a pastor, I don’t want to be standing in front of the judgment seat of God one day saying, “Well Lord, I’m sorry for those folks that went to Hell…but Mr. & Mrs. Flake needed to have their egos stroked because they finally put $10 in the offering plate after attending the church for ten years.”

Wake up folks…there are people leaving the Earth every day not knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  The only way that people far from God are going to hear about the saving grace of Christ is by us…not being flakes!!!  Get in the game or get off the field.  There is too much work for the Kingdom still left to be done to spend even one minute trying to accommodate…flaky folks!!!

The Fallacy Of Flakes