Something Perry Noble Said

Since mid-October I have mulling over the stuff that Perry Noble said in the last coaching network.  Here are the quotes that really kept coming back to me…had me really thinking:

  • Be a leader that lives a life worth following!!!
  • Dishonesty always leads to dysfunction!
  • Characteristics of God’s movement:  a) It will fire people up.  b) It will piss people off.
  • We can’t hold people accountable for unspoken…or unwritten…expectations.
  • When your memories exceed your dreams…it’s over!
  • As senior pastor you really have to be a student of your staff.  Get to know what they respond to…what motivates them.
  • The best way to eliminate stress among the staff is to just stop and say prayer of thanksgiving for all the God is…or has…done.
  • When sensitivity trumps honesty…you lose!
  • As pastors we are called to lead with integrity.  Integrity always goes hand in hand with honesty.
  • Stewardship is paying attention to the details.
  • Ask your leadership, “Why do you do what you do?”  If Jesus isn’t in the answer it’s time to recast vision…or remove that person.
  • You can’t afford a staff member that can’t define their passion.
  • As the senior pastor, my staff is always saying, “Don’t let Chris screw this up!”
  • If you have to talk to your staff about loyalty…it’s over.
  • Continue to pour into your staff.  Make it easy for them to carry forth the vision. – Sherry Moorehead
  • Success us not being cool or relevant…success is people coming to know Jesus. – Lee McDerment
  • If your vision is small…you will lead people who’s vision is smaller. – Lee McDerment
Something Perry Noble Said